Top 5 news stories of the week

6 Dec, 2013 4:38pm Jonathan Burn

We pick out the top five biggest news stories to break over the past week

1. GM axes Chevrolet in Europe

The biggest new this week came from GM after it announced Chevrolet would be dropped from European markets by the end of 2015. Focus will now be placed on Vauxhall and Opel who have both struggled to compete in the increasingly competitive European market. GM also revealed it would be expanding the Cadillac brand across Europe too.

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2. Ford Mustang revealed

The all-new sixth-generation Mustang has been unveiled and for the first time in its 50 years of production, it will be making its way to UK shores in right-hand drive. There’s still no official word on pricing but a figure around £30,000 is expected, with the high-performance V8 model asking around a further £5,000 when sales start early 2015.

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3. Audi Q1 confirmed

Audi confirmed the Q1 would be joining the lineup in 2016 as the new entry-level Q model. It’s initially aimed at Nissan Juke buyers who want something a little more upmarket but BMW and Mercedes both have entry-level SUVs in the pipeline, which will rival the Q1. Technical details are still limited but it’s likely the engines from the A1 supermini will be adopted.

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4. Saab 9-3 back in production

Production of the Saab 9-3 has restarted under the new ownership of National Electric Vehicles Sweden. The restart in production also sees a slightly revised model roll off the production line, which will be initially sold in the Chinese market. The manufacture also announced plans to develop an electric version in 2014.

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5. Audi crossover concept official sketches

Audi’s second major announcement this week came in the shape of some official crossover sketches, which appear to preview the new style direction for models such as the A4 and A5. The three-door concept will debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January next year, where we will find out its name and what’s fitted under the bonnet.

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