Ford Mustang 2015 revealed in Detroit, headed for UK

14 Jan, 2014 9:54am Jack Rix

Iconic Ford Mustang gets fresh design, new fuel-efficient engines and it's coming to the UK in 2015

After fifty years of continuous production and more than nine million cars sold, the Ford Mustang is coming to the UK.

The all-new sixth-generation model, revealed here in our own studio pictures, had made its debut at its home motor show in Detroit, before going on sale in the UK in right-hand drive from early 2015.

There's no official word on the Mustang price yet, but expect the four-cylinder EcoBoost model to start from around £30,000, with the V8 model costing £5,000 more.

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Mark Fields, Ford’s COO, calls the Mustang the “emotional connection with the Ford brand,” and has tasked it with raising the perception of the company in Europe. He also wants it to be seen as “a credible sports car in Europe”, and engineers freely admit its been benchmarked against the likes of the BMW M3 Coupe and even the Porsche 911.

And this time around it might have a fighting chance, thanks to some major revisions to the chassis. Gone is the current car’s live rear axle, replaced with more sophisticated fully independent multi-link suspension – which should make the Mustang feel more planted while improving the ride quality, too.

A new lighter front subframe, bigger brakes (six piston fixed calipers with 15-inch steel discs on the V8 model) a limited slip differential and a torque vectoring system complete the uprated chassis.

Ford Mustang engines

The Mustang has always been synonymous with a V8 engine, and for nostalgic customers a 5.0-litre V8 range-topper will be offered with 420bhp and 529Nm of torque. However, it’s a brand-new 304bhp 2.3-litre turbocharged EcoBoost engine that will make up the overwhelming majority of sales in Europe.

Economy figures are yet to be released, but fuel economy is expected to better the old 3.7-litre V6 by around 10 per cent. Two reengineered six-speed gearboxes will be offered – a manual and an automatic with paddle-shifters as standard.

A Mustang Convertible will be launched simultaneously with the Fastback coupe. It features a fabric roof the folds flush with the boot lid in just seven seconds, thanks to an electric mechanism instead of the old hydraulic system. Boot space suffers slightly, dropping from 383-litres in the coupe to 324-litres – 56-litres less than the Audi A5 cabriolet.

Despite global aspirations, the new Mustang has been designed at Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn Michigan, just down the road from where it will be built. It hasn’t strayed too far from its predecessor’s dimensions either, measuring in at the same length with the exact same wheelbase - but according to Ford it’s a ‘clean sheet’ design.

The roof is 38mm lower, the bonnet 32mm lower and the boot deck 70mm lower. It’s also 40mm wider, with wider front and rear tracks, while the A-Pillar has shifted backwards by 30mm. The result is a significantly more dynamic stance, with a drawn in waistline that expands into muscular, flared wheelarches. Side sills, optional 20-inch wheels (19s are standard) and a new take on the blacked-out rear section and three-stripe taillights add up to a more three-dimensional shape overall.

It’s the front end that grabs you attention first though with slimmer, menacing headlights either side of a wider ‘shark-bite’ grille. Moray Callum, design director for Ford North America sums it up perfectly: “There needs to be a lack of subtlety to the Mustang’s front end – like a fist flying through the air.”

Ford Mustang interior

The interior on the other hand looks to the aeronautical industry for its inspiration. A row of fighter-jet style toggle switches along the bottom of the centre console allow you to adjust functions such as the steering weight and ESC, while the speedometer reads “Ground Speed”, instead of simply mph.

Stitched leather on the seats and instrument binnacle, plus a slab of aluminium on the centre console shows extra attention has been paid to material quality, to satisfy more discerning European buyers, although cheaper plastics can still be found, especially around the handbrake.

No exact figures are available yet, but Ford claims there’s more shoulder, hip and knee room for front and rear passengers – thanks in part to a slimmer glovebox with the airbag integrated into its lid.

An array of new technology has been added in too, including launch control (standard on V8 models), push-button start and three selectable driving modes that tweak the steering, ESC and engine calibration all feature, while a Track Apps function lets you record your own 0-62mph and track times directly through the onboard computer.

Ford Mustang… the story so far

Ahead of the official reveal of the Ford Mustang, pictures of the new car leaked from an American magazine.

Scanned and posted to an online Ford Mustang forum, the images revealed the narrow headlights and a bold grille, both of which take inspiration from Ford’s Evos concept. Profile shots revealed the Mustang retains its sporty profile and muscular rear wheelarches, while at the back the taillights take the triple-split theme to the next level.

The grainy shots of the interior don’t reveal too much, other than the deep steering wheel of the current car will be carried over and there will be a touchscreen infotainment system offered. The material quality in the current car is pretty woeful so Ford will be hoping to improve in that respect.

This Mustang is the first that’ll be sold across the globe, as part of the OneFord strategy. It brings greater consistency across Ford’s global product line-up so that the Kuga and US-market Escape are now the same model and from September 2014 the Mondeo and US-market Fusion will be the same.

Some recent spy shots and our artist's impression in the gallery also gave us a good idea how the car would look ahead of the reveal.

An insider told Auto Express: “The design studios in Europe and Australia are working on it, as well as those in America. It will be smaller and closer in spirit to the original 1964 Mustang.”

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Much better than previous models and they wern't bad either

POS!!! Who wants a £35k, manual 'box, lightweight circa 1,500 kg, 0-60 <5s bang up to date technically Yank sh!tbox, when you can have a 1,800 kgs plus, slush box only, 8 yr old chopped XK Hindu thoroughbred F-type for £70k upwards, that all the Brit press is raving about?!!!

Hopefully they will be fitted with a decent auto box because driving a 2012 3.7 in USA was ruined by an awful gearbox when engine/ride/handling were all pretty good

An icon, a legend of the automotive world. Simply wonderful. Worth every penny!!!

Far too expensive compared to the prices they literally give them away for in America.

v8 IRS RHD Stang sounds irresistible, will be the best Ford we have had in decades in the UK.

Lets hope it turns out to be a more closer to a 64 Mustang as possible and not a watered down with any of the following LHD - dull boring EVOS styling - 2.5 puny Focus RS engine how dull no fun & totally boring.

Keep it a true Mustang Old Skool styling, badass v8 with RHD & IRS.

That is a Chevrolet Camaro with a pony badge

I'm worried... I was really hoping for something special and I'm sure the drive will be but it looks too much like a Hyundai Coupe from the front and side.. Eeek lets hope its a bad scan and picture. I was hoping this would be something to compete with the C63/M4/RS5 but not with those looks.

It looks sh*t

'Attaboy! Mustn't let the braindead Brit muppets realise this car is twice the product at one third the price of the obese antiquated chopped XK joke F*cked-type.

We don't need the lobotomised morons waking up and realising we're passing off rank sh*t at eye-watering prices; we pulled it off thanks to the corrupt Brit press with the Joque Evoque and the 2.7 tonnes 'lightweight' R/Rovers but the F-type is bombing already.

BTW, are you freelancing or do you work for us?

How can AE criticise the interior materials "although cheaper plastics can still be found, especially around the handbrake" There are no pictures available that show the plastics around the handbrake in any great detail, also has anyone from AE sat in the All-New Mustang to find out?.....mmm....NO, they make the same assumption and print the same thing time after time, has anyone noticed that the likes of VW are now using much cheaper plastics than they use too? check out the bottom half of any Passat dash board!

I do hope it looks better than in the pictures. It looks like an ugly cross between the concept car presented previously and the old model. In other words, lacking coherency. They took the beautiful lines of the show car and "added" some lines from the old model to appease the "yahoos" who would froth at the mouth if they deviated from the "true faith"..

You prefer this junk to an F-Type? Seek help, you sound mad lol.

LOL Ford Mondeo X-Type Jag just showed Ford don't have a Scooby Doo what to do how to destroy a brand waste billion on a joke Micky Mouse American of a car.

Jaguar never made any money under Ford, now they are making billions under TATA.

F-Type is worth every penny, shame it does not have the awesome horse & cart wagon-train technology as once used by John Wayne in those Cowboy movies like the current Mustang has. Do l wish a Jag was more like this only does straight lines joke current Mustang, NO!

Will l find a F-Type with a puny wimpy little 2.5 can't handle any power through the power train Focus RS hairdryer as an engine NO! What a compromise joke car the new Mustang will;l have become, a instant hit for hairdressers who have no taste.
Ford are a joke 1.0 Ecoboost in a Mondeo.

Jaguar/Land Rover are now making billions in Europe with fantastic cars like the F-Type/Evoke, how much profit are Ford making in Europe?

New Mustang looks total crap, Ford have ruined it. It looks like Toyota GT86 carbon copy, Meaning Americans will now buy the more reliable "Camry" coupe GT86, now sports coupes are starting to look carbon copies of the oppositions.

Only thing that will differentiate between much the same dull looking coupes at the lower end of the sports car buying market, will be "reliability". Toyota GT 86 & Hyundai Genesis will soon become the Camry/Corrolla king of muscle car market worldwide because have reliability better build quality, now the Mustang hits the world with a puny Focus RS 2.5 joke of a hairdryer engine.

LOL, just watch the Toyota GT 86 & Hyundai Genesis steal take over the Mustang market in the USA, now Ford are coping their designs. Camry/Accord has already stolen their car market where all cars in the class look the same, and all that will matter will be the Toyota reliably in the future. Now it looks like Ford has given up thrown in the towel on this market as well as it copies the Toyota GT86 design.

lay off the dope. we happily employ all kinds of deviants and wackos to troll on websites, to shift our sh*t products to braindead numpties, but draw the line at crackheads.

you sound like a TatJLR paid shill. seek a proper job, cocks*cker.

I like the New 2015 Ford Mustang that has been revealed

LOL sticks and stones.

Which car maker is currently topping the United States of America with the biggest increase in sales in November - Give you a clue it's not Ford or Licoln that were no good had to sell off all the family silver.

Jaguar USA sales up +102.8%. J/LR are on a roll world, Ford are losing billions in Europe ole chap.

You do know this is based on Fabrizio Giugiaro's 2005 Mustang concept right?

Apples and oranges.

This is the first New Mustang worth saying anything about. The exterior is very decently proportioned, akin to the BMW 4 series although I'm sure it's massive, and it has an interior that seems to be (at least in the photos) much better designed and detailed than its predecessors and with better materials too.

I really don't know if anybody was expecting a spaceship but I thought the new Mustang was going to be a muscle car for the 21st Century and would look like it belonged in the Ford lineup and it is both of those things.

Your bizarre post and nonsensical grammar make no sense to me, although it did give me a good laugh! Please reply more often to my comments :)



Currently own a 2005 Mustang GT with the 4.6 V8 and its one of the best cars I've ever driven. It looks amazing, its fast, sounds awesome and doesn't handle anywhere near as bad as people make out.

This new one looks good, but a 2.3 litre engine I think not... If you are going to buy a Mustang then surely it has to be a V8.

And you already know how it drives and what it actually looks like, right? So, you're the first person on the planet to test one. Amazing. Will be looking for your POS report!!!

Brilliant design assessment. Can't wait to see more of your in-depth reviews.

If I'm not mistaken, the Mustang started this category and everything else that came after riffed off it.

Just got back from a 2 week trip to Chicago and New York, I saw countless Mustang's, Camaro's, Charger's and Challenger's all over the place yet didn't see a single GT86 or a Genesis for that matter. Clearly stealing the market.

V8 or nothing. Even the Cougar had a V6 (and quite a nice one, too)

Oh my Lord!
Looks like Ford are back to their old boring way of styling.

How many Mustangs have l seen outside of North America outside none anywhere, in the UK? 0


I was there, and we we not permitted to look inside the car.

Mustangs are not on sale from Ford dealers in the UK, you either have to go to a specialist dealer or import one yourself, the GT86 and the Genesis are available form Toyota and Hyundai dealers in the US so you cant compare...

And well I own a Mustang in the UK and know 2 other people around my area who have one also :)

They generally do look better in the metal, plus the rear end on this new Mustang coupe looks great imo.

They're missing a trick by having a miserable little bootlid instead of a full hatchback tailgate. Wouldn't make any difference to the looks and would make it much more usable as an everyday car!

It will be cheaply made and full of poor quality materials and interior fittings, the 'stang convertible I rented in the States was crap.... but I still want one so much. I will own one of these in the next 5 years.


I wish more sportscars and fastback-style designs would do this. When combined with rear seats that fold down it would make the Mustang quite good for "going on holiday" as you guys say. It's not like most people use the rear seats in a Mustang (or Porsche) anyway.

But will it be able to go around a corner at speed? And is it me or does it look wider?



Why is it going to be nearly double the price in UK/EU. If it were reasonably priced I'd have one. 30K+. Poke it