Top 10 greatest Lancia cars ever

14 Jan, 2014 12:22pm Jonathan Burn

We celebrate the best Lancia cars ever, as the firm becomes Italian market only

Iconic Italian manufacturer Lancia will no longer sell its cars outside of Italy, it has been confirmed. Part of the Fiat group, Lancia has struggled for sales, with Chairman and CEO of the Fiat group Sergio Marchionne stating, "Lancia will become an Italian market-only brand."

Speaking in 2012, Marchionne had previously said, "We have to be honest. Lancia will never be what it once was. The only model that is of any value in Europe is the Ypsilon, which will be saved. The rest of the range has no appeal." Once the Ypsilon reaches the end of its life-cycle it is not clear if Lancia will continue in any form.

We've put together a gallery (see above) to celebrate the greatest cars Lancia ever built, including the Lancia Delta Integrale, which was recognised by Auto Express' readers as being the second best car to emerge in the last 25 years – finishing ahead of the McLaren F1 but behind the Ford Focus mk 1.

Lancia was founded back in 1906 and by 1969 it had become part of the Fiat group after losing significant sums of money. Soon after the take over the infamous Lancia Stratos was born. Weighing in at under 1,000kg and powered by a 2.6-litre V6 mid-mounted Ferrari engine, the Stratos won three consecutive World Rally Championship in 1974, 1975 and 1976.

Despite Lancia’s imminent withdrawal from major markets, Marchionne remained positive about other Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo – also managed under the Fiat umbrella. "There are teams of our men in secret hangars all around Italy that are preparing Alfa Romeo‘s new models, which we will present in April and which will change the image of the brand, taking it back to absolute excellence," he indicated.

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I hope someone, Vag or BMW group but also a Chinese or Indian group take Lancia by fiat.-alfistas group. They don't like Lancia from over 20 years for give all tu stupid brand how is alfaromeo without any result. SELL LANCIA mr marchionne!

Good grief AE! How much motoring history do you actually know? "Ten best Lancias" and not a mention of the Lambda. It's a bit like doing a feature on Rolls-Royce and not mentioning the (original) Silver Ghost.

the cars have no appeal...please...what cars? the joke Chryslers and the aged Delta which polarised from day one? Instead of correcting their mistake in repositioning Lancia as a ladies' car, they are killing it. So naive and short-sighted.

Your going to have more problems keeping cars out than thinking ones to include.

Stupid decision and it is reflected in Fiat's very poor use of the Lancia brand since the 1990s.

Too much Canadian / Chysler thinking Mr Marchionne!

Instead of using Lancia as the experimental and inovative brand it was until the end of the century (so many firsts like moncocque bodies, sliding pillar suspension, Narrow angle V engines, First production V6s , etc, etc) Fiat have bodged it with a revised / dumbed down logo, and ridiculous american based fat fuel hungry cars like the 300/Thema and pointless SUVs.

You seem to like BMW Mr Marchionne with your ambition to turn Alfa Romeo into a RWD sporty car brand but look where BMW are going ... the future with the "i" brand.

Fiat cars now seem to be all chubby 500 based cars, Ferrari seems safe, Alfa 4C seems a good idea but we need 156 successor. Maserati goinf diesel which could be interesting but out of reach of most buyers.

Re-launch Lancia as a technology and 1st division experimental brand - get back into Motorsport like Le Mans with better EV and Aero tech. Bring back the Fulvia Concept as a CFP/Alloy electric car... the potential is there!!!!