Tesco Fuel Save food car - coming to a supermarket near you

13 Mar, 2014 9:30am Alex Yau

The Tesco food car will promote the supermarket’s Clubcard Fuel Save scheme that can save customers 20p per litre on fuel

Tesco has covered an everyday car with assorted grocery shopping and sent it across the country to promote its new Clubcard Fuel Save scheme. This new scheme aims to help customers save on fuel whenever they grocery shop.  

Nearly every item covering the modified Nissan Micra, which includes groceries, clothing and homeware, has been put to practical use. A desk lamp acts as a wing mirror, the windscreen wipers are constructed from floor mops, mixing bowls are used as headlamps and a spatula functions as the aerial. The passenger seats are also made from kitchen chairs and duvets, whilst Tesco has even managed to use a wheel of Camembert cheese as the petrol cap.


Animator Anthony Farquhar-Smith, who’s previously worked with director Tim Burton and Audi, designed this unusual vehicle. “Using every day shopping to create a car was really fun and creatively challenging”, he said.

“It was important to keep the character of the car in the Clubcard Fuel Save adverts, while representing the vast range of products in store, from groceries and kitchen products to clothing and toys. 

“The car really brings the initiative to life and it has been great to work on such a unique project.”

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On launching its new Fuel Save scheme Tesco quoted new research revealing that 46 per cent of the nation isn’t visiting family or friends because of high fuel prices, whilst 17 per cent cut back on their regular food spend just to afford fuel.

Tesco hopes its new scheme can help with these costs. For every £50 a customer spends in store or online, Tesco’s Clubcard Fuel Save Scheme will award a 2p per-litre discount on fuel. Savings accumulate over the month up to a maximum of 20 pence per litre so they could be significant. Customers don’t need to use paper vouchers because their clubcards will automatically track purchases for them.