Ferrari F1 team 2016

F1 season preview 2016 - Ferrari car
15 Mar, 2016 1:35pm Stephen Errity

Twitter: @ScuderiaFerrari
Engine: Ferrari 
Races: 908 
Wins: 224 
Titles: 16 
Last year: 2nd (428pts)

Ferrari looks set to continue in the role it occupied last year as Mercedes’ closest challenger. Vettel remains as happy, focused and determined as ever, so expect regular visits to the podium and perhaps a couple of wins along the way. Testing times on some tyre compounds suggested the Italian outfit could be closer to the Silver Arrows than in 2015, so it may be able to exert real pressure at certain tracks. It’s a shame that pressure will most likely come exclusively from Vettel, rather than Raikkonen, who’s still quick on his day, but appears to be winding down to retirement.

Our verdict: Vettel will extract the maximum from the Ferrari package and could end up with a couple of wins. It’s unlikely Raikkonen will do the same.


Sebastian Vettel

Races: 158 
Wins: 42 
Titles: 4
Last year: 3rd 
Age: 28 
Twitter: N/A

Did you know? Vettel has two children, daughters Emilie and Matilda, with his partner Hanna Prater.

Kimi Raikkonen

Races: 232 
Wins: 20 
Titles: 1
Last year: 4th  
Age: 36
Twitter: N/A 

Did you know? Raikkonen became the first driver to try F1’s proposed ‘Halo’ cockpit protection system in testing.

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