Torro Rosso F1 team 2016

F1 season preview 2016 - Toro Rosso car
15 Mar, 2016 2:00pm Stephen Errity

Twitter: @ToroRossoSpy
Engine: Ferrari 
Races: 185 
Last year: 7th (67pts)

Red Bull rejected the idea of using Ferrari power this season when it became clear the Italian brand would only supply year-old engines to customers. That hasn’t deterred the Toro Rosso ‘junior’ team, which is hoping for an instant performance boost by going back to its 2007-2013 engine supplier. Toro Rosso also racked up the second-highest mileage in testing, behind only Mercedes, so it looks as though reliability is already solid going into the season. It’ll need to make hay while the sun shines, however, as both Red Bull and the works Renault team are hoping to improve rapidly. 

Our verdict: Verstappen made one of the best F1 debuts ever last year and is set for the top. Sainz isn’t as wild as the Dutchman, and should not be discounted.


Max Verstappen

Races: 19 
Wins: 0
Titles: 0
Last year: 12th 
Age: 18
Twitter: @Max33Verstappen

Did you know? Max Verstappen is a keen sim racer, using games to hone his skills and knowledge.

Carlos Sainz Jr

Races: 19 
Wins: 0
Titles: 0
Last year: 15th 
Age: 21 
Twitter: @carlossainz

Did you know? Sainz’s best 2015 result was seventh at the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.

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