David Brown Speedback revealed

27 Mar, 2014 5:46pm Jack Rix

It looks like an Aston Martin DB5, but new handmade British sports car is a Jaguar XKR underneath

A brand-new British sports car company, David Brown Automotive, has revealed its first ever model at a private event in London. The Speedback is a handcrafted 2+2 coupe designed to reference classic GT cars from the sixties, while using modern technology where possible.

The chassis and powertrain are carried over directly from a Jaguar XKR – hence the unmistakable crackling exhaust note when the engine fired up at the reveal. Under the skin is the XK’s aluminium spaceframe chassis, 503bhp 5.0-litre supercharged V8 and six-speed auto, while the basic XK interior architecture is retained.

“I was in a classic car rally in Spain, in a friend’s Ferrari Daytona, when it broke down. We hired a Peugeot 106 and everyone wanted to drive in that because it had air-conditioning,” David Brown, fournder and CEO of the company told us. “It gave me the idea to blend the Sixties style with technology that worked properly.”

A clay model of the Speedback was prepared by chief designer Alan Mobberly, which was then digitally scanned and used to accurately make the aluminium skin. And this blend of traditional styling and materials with modern techniques is a running theme throughout the car.

David Brown Speedback side

“These wire wheels were specially made for us, they’re actually the widest wire wheel in production,” said Brown. “The headlights are encased like a Sixties original, but actually use LED technology.”

Although Brown couldn’t give us a number for the production run he called it very much a “limited edition,” although buyers will be able to personalize their cars. “If they want work done on the engine we can do that, if they want a different exhaust note, that’s not a problem,” he added.

The Speedback makes its official debut at the Top Marques show in Monaco from April 17 to 20, when the price will be announced.

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There it is right there. Love at first sight. All other desirable cars were just knocked into a cocked hat for me.

The only way this was going to work is if it was much much MUCH prettier than standard XK and it just isn't. I wouldn't say it was an ugly car but its certainly not a looker either and for what its likely to cost i can't see a big demand. Think this may be even more of a "limited edition" than David Brown intended..............

Looks like an expensive kit car - sorry

On most occasions that a car appears on here, along come a load of self important saddos declaring that their subjective opinion is fact and if they don't like the appearance then that must be the same for everyone. Rob B: "It's not a looker either" - what you mean is that in your opinion it's not a looker. Def90cars, at least you had the good grace to apologise for you dismal comment.

News, for people who post their subjective opinions like they are facts that apply to everyone: Nobodys gives as hit.

what will happen when the XK is stopped this summer?

It's an interesting concept, but not unique, as there are modernised E-types being made as well. If you have the money, and aspire to be James Bond, but want a car with modern engineering and kit, it's your lucky day.

@getoveryourselves - your right it is just my opinion, but surely thats the point of a comments field on here - to express opinions............ much as you have done. The difference between us is I don't believe my opinion is more important than anyone elses.

the back wheels are bent, theyre not in the centre of wheel arches.

Well said Rob.... I am not sorry for my comment. I am sorry for the car ;)

Doesn't look bad :) Hope it means british car industry is continueing to be on its way up ! if they want this brand to be successful then it should be more than limited run and even sold to overseas market too, just like many cars built in UK where XX amount % are exported out of UK

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