Details on the extreme 2,000bhp Trion Nemesis

31 Mar, 2014 11:37am Jonathan Burn

American manufacturer Trion Supercars reveals 2,000bhp twin-turbocharged V8 to power the Nemesis

California-based company Trion Supercars has revealed first details on its latest model, the Nemesis. Set to challenge European dominance in the exotic supercar market, it will be powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 engine developing 2,000bhp.

Currently in the early stages of development, the Nemesis will be the company’s first ever model, having only been founded in 2012. Engine displacement has not yet been revealed but the motor will be a V8 and twin-turbocharged, developing 2,000bhp.

What is the fastest car in the world?

Power will be transmitted to the road via an eight-speed sequential gearbox, helping crack the sprint from 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds. Top speed is yet to be verified but Trion claims it will be in excess of 270mph. The Nemesis will also be fitted with active aerodynamics and a ‘Predator mode’, which when selected by the driver, modifies interior lighting, stiffens the suspension, lowers ride height and gives a more raucous exhaust note.

The debut model will be handcrafted from carbon fibre in America, with the manufacturer claiming the interior will be fitted with ‘cutting-edge technology’. While there are no images of the interior, digital controls and instrument cluster will be fitted.

Trion is also quick to boast about the Nemesis’ practicality, claiming the boot can easily accommodate golf clubs and luggage. As of yet there is no official word on pricing or when production will commence.

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I admire the engineering and efforts to push on speed technology, and I am impressed by what these engineers can achieve, Bugatti, Hennessy, Koenigsegg etc.

But I'm starting to get bored with silly numbers now. There's more to life. Show me a car that can driving in heavy stop/go traffic less boring and I will be interested.

Only in America where they believe bigger is always better. Would have been more impressive if it 'only' did 200mph but had a 0 to 60 time of 1.5 seconds or something daft.
As it is 270mph and 2.8 to 60 are boring and pointless, because others do the same 0 to 60 time and they also nearly hit 270, all without 2000 bhp.

0-60 acceleration times are down to the tyres and their grip on the surface. If a tyre were created that gave sufficient grip then many car makers could reduce the acceleration time.

But throwing 1500kg forwards with a friction coupling is not going to be easy. If you replaced the wheels of the car with pinions and ran then on rack rails then very quick times would be achievable.

Vector Mk2 anyone?

Production will commence immediately that dreaming is finished!

So you are claiming it is impossible to go from 0 to 60 any faster due to tyre grip? Still doesn't explain why they feel the need to 2000 bhp, because as I understand it the Koenigsegg One 1 does 273mph with 1340 bhp. As I said only in America.

I said this elsewhere the other day about the Venom. It's not that impressive any more putting loads of power in a car with no other technology advancements. Making it do everything else well and building lots of them and selling them and giving them a warranty is much harder.

You may as well just start putting gas turbines in there and have them power electric motors. Jaguar talked about this a few years ago in the CX75 and it never happened, but wouldn't it be wonderful if someone actually did it?

Maybe one or two small gas turbines with a 6-700 kilowatts between them, shoved into 4 motors at the wheels. Instant massive torque, 4 wheel individual torque vectoring, brake steer etc. The best bit is you could also setup to run the car on heavy fuels, diesel basically.

Imagine that, we have these hybrids, supercar hybrids too, so someone take the next step and build something amazing with only motors at the wheels (yes i know the SLS is electric too, but it's range is rubbish and it's very heavy, charging times yadda yadda). The ultimate electric powered hypercar. Make it happen.

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