Which fantasy car do you most want to see built?

3 Apr, 2014 2:34pm

Our quest to find the UK’s most wanted new car starts here. Tell us what you think the world’s top car brands should build next

They’re the questions you ask Auto Express more than any others, questions about the new cars you most want to see on the roads.
From a new Ford Capri to a Citroen DS re-imagined for the 21st century or a lightweight city car that will take MINI back to its roots; they’re cars that live in the hearts and imaginations of car fans. But they’re also cars that car manufacturers show little inclination to actually build.
Auto Express Most Wanted is your chance to show the global car-manufacturing giants exactly where they’re going wrong. While they’re busy fleshing out their model ranges with yet more crossover SUVs, should they really be focusing on a new roadster, a barnstorming sports saloon or a modern day version of an iconic classic?
Tell us the cars you’d love to see the top car brands put into production and our car design experts will show you how they could look. We’ll pick the 10 best new car ideas and invite Auto Express readers to vote for their favourite in the Auto Express Most Wanted poll.
Whether it’s a Ferrari SUV, a luxury seven-seat Smart or a 1,000bhp Dacia hypercar, let us know your most wanted new car on Twitter, on Facebook or in the comments section below. We’ll do the rest…

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I'd love to see a new version of the MINI that's ACTUALLY mini! It could be great fun to drive, cheap to run and would look great. Not like the MASSIVE cars from BMW you see around today

Definitely need the 280 BHP engine in the Skoda Octavia vRS, along with 4 wheel drive. Current owners are begging for a Cupra/Golf R rival and would certainly be welcome. Also, a 7-seater completely new Skoda. And please build a Coupe again!The Tudor concept of 2002, and joyster concepts of 2006 were nicked by Audi (A5 Coupe) and VW (Scirocco) respectively!

Ford Thunderbird

How about a Peugeot RCZ convertible? would look fantastic.

New Alfa Montreal...

A new Lancia Delta Integrale, its a disgrace how the company is being allowed to die

A proper Volvo coupe, perhaps something similar to the P1800. Just give me the coupe concept in production form.

Totally agree! Just like the Pocketman (I believe it was called that) concept from a few years back

An edgy, stylish and affordable 4 door SEAT coupe that would act as a halo model for the brand. It will be in the same light as the KIA GT for young professionals who don't want a boring and pretentious VW Passat and CC, an expensive and conservative A3 and (if they build one) an ugly, unoriginal and pretentious Skoda 4 door coupe. It will be slightly less practical than all its in house rivals, be focused on style, be fwd to keep costs down, have the same mechanical as the Cupra 280 for its range-topper, have a very limited range of trim levels but a wide range of customisations and colours, and it would be well equipped and be priced to match a Passat and (range topper) not much higher than a poverty spec 3 series.

Range Rover Evoque - CONVERTIBLE!! This needs to happen!

Or a BMX X-Z range. Like a Z4 but on steroids!!!

No VW group products please. This is for fantasy cars not soporific cArs.

A new MG sports car family. MGB, MGB GT & MG Midget. All front engine rear wheel drive and instantly recognisable as a classic British roadster.

Triumph TR Roadster and Triumph Dolomite sports saloon all using BMW and MINI bits but in a clever way.

It was the Rocketman actually - but I agree that a truly mini MINI would be a great idea.

A more restrained Range Rover. The new cars lack class.

Also a new large Aston, à la V8/Virage. Affordable to manufacture (especially with Merc Powerplants), would give brand a fresh direction.

new MG sports car!

1. Dacia Sandero Roadster - great fun, great looks, small price - sounds like a plan?:)

2. GM EV2 - successor to remarkable EV1

The fact you love SEAT but hate Skoda is pure jealousy as Skoda are getting the Coupe, not miserably failing SEAT.

Go hug your tree.

What I would like to own is a BMW 3 Series E90 saloon style-size model with the active hydraulic suspension of the Citroen Xantia, with the Tesla Model X dual-engine powertrain+battery pack all in a blend of carbon fiber body-aluminum frame capable of 0-60 mph in less than 4 seconds, with brutal acceleration and regenerative braking and with a range superior than 300 miles, so I could speed and corner all the day long without worry with range anxiety or to declare bankrupt!

Another suggestion, and going in the opposite direction would be a cheap small three wheeler new Reliant Robin-Kia Soul boxy like style electric-solar powered-Lombardini diesel 1 pot 500cc hybrid for three passengers all three wheel drive.

A proper re-birth of the Ford Capri rather than the lame examples Ford have previously offered.

Volvo Concept Estate- no changes, in that brown, with those seats. Mmmmm.

Bring back Wolseley ... understated British luxury at sub Jaguar prices. Make some powerful rear wheel drive sixes and see them run as police cars like the Wolseleys of old!

Temper temper!

Your obsession with Skoda is really bizarre - do you share a bed with one at night?

You really are touchy aren't you about those Eastern block cars - I think you are the only poster on here who fantasises about those Czech taxis!

How about a V16 Quad Turbo 4 wheel drive 7 seater MPV? Might be fun.....

No, I don't, do you share yours with your mother? Why, by the way, do you think taxi drivers, police forces, NHS etc prefer them? Could it be because they offer class-leading rear legroom, reliability, performance and quality?

One work - Briskoda.

One word - Briskoda.

A Mondeo size Dacia saloon/estate that will take over the Octavia taxi mantel with a bigger engine than 1.5 dCi at a mathematically positioned price point.
Also a Logan Stepway to take on Volvo what ever you call them raised cars they sell. Could be 4x4 they have the technology.

the Lancia Fulvia concept of a few years back!

I'm keen to see what the underdog brands can come up with. with every car manufacturer doing lookalikes across the range with one manufacturer following the footsteps of another, german brands popularity not to be underestimated but reaching heightened levels of boredom, Jag, Lancia and Alfa Romeo have a gifted liftime of a chance to showcase the world how to design really dinstictive and beautiful cars. in the past both have been badly managed, had cost cuts, starved of a chance to showcase their true capabilities. Alfa has the yet to be sketched 169 and the 7 series rival who knows might be called 179? its a long way off but i just can't wait and where are the Autodelta tuners? Cloverleaf good but can't imagine how mad and powerful Autodelta GTA's would be. Jag has the new XK and i wish they'd hurry up with a hypercar. Lancia is a truly terrific brand with huge potential to come out with some serious luxury sports cars for the premuim market.


Who wants a boring, coma inducing, ugly Skoda pretending to be a practical coupe? Oh yes, old men with bright wight dentures and a (non grey) wig who lust after teenage girls. SEAT is by far the cooler, better looking of the two brands and has a younger target audience and i want to see a 4 door coupe model to represent it. Do i want to see another saloon from Skoda? Nah. I think a much worthy car for the Skoda market is a booted Roomster. They'd make brilliant taxis.

A Rover revival, aspiring to reclaim the position the brand enjoyed in the days of the P5, P6 etc, actively eschewing sportiness and employing McLaren's hydraulic suspension tech. Jaguar owns the brand and it would be sufficiently differentiated in character that it shouldn't affect Jag sales...

RCZ hardtop with a mid-mounted V6 please...

You mean like the Nissan SUV convertible thing which has backfired horribly by barely selling?

They are class leading when it comes to being boring! Seriously though, you really are quite bizarre and you always seem to be on a lone crusade on these pages - with no one else agreeing with you........do feel inadequate or something?

Three words - Skoda are tedious.

I would like to see a Nissan Juke fitted with a Vauxhall Kugga body. I have a Qashqai but think the Juke is too bulgy. Your review of the Kugga reports noisey engine and poor suspension so I think combining the best of both would be a great car.

I would like to see a new Renault 16. Same proportions, same 'ears', modern drivetrain, rustproofing, no column gearchange and firmer but still comfortable ride.

A people carrier styled by the italians, powered by a twin turbo 3.6l V8 rwd or 4wd that would run on hydrogen, with the handling tuned by McLaren, trimed by Bentley, and no longer than 4785mm.

I have got endless ideas like the Fiat 126p redesigned for the 21st century, a Seat sportscar, a Volkswagen supercar, a Dacia hot hatchback, a four-door Ferrari saloon (not the FF obviously), a Peugeot 208 SW (because I think the 2008 IS NOT the true successor to the 207 SW), and a BMW city car (don't forget the Audi as well).

No one cares! ok?

City cars from Audi and BMW, a four door saloon from Ferrari (not the FF), bring back the Fiat 126p and the Lancia Stratos, a Seat sportscar, a Volkswagen supercar, a Skoda coupe (fingers crossed they make it look cool), bring back the Audi V8 and a Mini saloon

Did I not see the word FANTASY in the above article? Most of the below are a mish mash of existing and past historic cars. Fantasy makes me think of the cars in some of the last 10 years worth of films. Why do Car manufacturers always have to make their cars boring. All of them still have physical switches and dials or a digital version of them. I have to question why so many futuristic concept cars never make it to the road looking exactly like they were originally designed. I am talking about the interiors where you spend most of your time driving. The outside is for show to passers by and I agree must look good so there is absolutely no good reason (even cost) why a car cannot look like it was made in the year 2050 right here today. The inside should drop all of the existing switches and buttons and replace it with a smooth, colorful surface that integrates touch sensitive areas for controlling the cars features. This makes it easier to keep clean and dust free and looks fantastic in my opinion. Those who like buttons and knobs are stuck in the past and must love things that eventually break down or wear out! So go on car manufaturers, be brave and give us the cars of the future now! Oh and hurry up with making electric/hybrid cars cheaper so we can all have them and get rid of the dirty combustion engine.

650S estate, converts to camper for countryside jaunts with family and has wings to avoid motorway traffic jams.

Skoda don't make saloons.......And one thing I will agree on, SEAT can have the title cooler, as Skodas are a damn sight hotter :P

Triumph Stag, with a great BMW 3 litre petrol or diesel

a modern day rover sd1 Vitesse would be great I whish Tata would build it!

I would like to see a modern day Toyota MR2 and Honda CRX

I would like to see a premium 7 seater MPV with sliding doors and with 4wd. Possibly by Audi or Jaguar. I know BMW have something similar in the pipeline but not with sliding doors. Also, it should have decent handling and performance. Just because I have a large family, I should not have to settle and drive a bus!

RWD Capri, perhaps using an RS powertrain

How about a Mercedes V-class AMG! 155mph in a MPV! Black with red detailing would be the best look for it.

I would love to see Fiat relaunch the recently axed Brazil Market only Fiat Mille (original 1983 Giugiaro Design) back to Europe, and also interesting models like the: Palio, Siena, Linea, Fiat Adventure. I think quite honestly Fiat UK and Fiat Europe, is 500 overkill! I want to see Fiat going back to classic, elegant Saloons and Estates. I'm tired of all these bulky, ugly 500 based MPV's. Fiat should have the confidence like VW, to offer a more comprehensive range of models. Fiat with the right marketing, finest designers at their disposal, their ever improving UK image could break away from this 500 formula.

I think it should be the JAGUAR CX-75.........!!!

how about a RenaultSport version of of the "Fiftie" (maybe using new Twingo underpinnings)? Call it 'Gordini'!

and a modern rover sd1 vitesse

Hmm, an oversteery V8-powered iron-fist-in-a-velvet-glove thug of a car... isn't that what Jaguar are so very good at?

That would be the end of Jaguar for me then.

Audi has no real image to uphold so I'm sure they could get away with it without fully killing the brand.

don't forget the styling British at its best

Leave these crap cars there. We don't need them, no one misses Fiat in UK!

Well there's many crappier cars here in the UK! Maybe we don't need them but we have to put up the 500 and ageing Punto, while the Brazilians have the best choice of Fiats in the world! Let's be honest, they alot more exciting and better looking than Peugeots, VW, Ford etc... we have on UK roads.

I totally agree.
Shameful how Lancia is being allowed to wither away.

A new Delta Integrale with an approach to tasteful styling Lancia was so good at up until their recent Bravo conversion project.

None of this flamboyant rubbish because the styling dept. has a quota of curves and arcs it must use before the end of their shift, making the car look dated a year or two later.

Up until last year the same feeling was starting to surround Alfa Romeo, but Sergio Marchionne is said to start releasing plans for the AR brand (I pray that he keeps the chemistry sufficiently Italian and Chrysler free.)

I want to believe that Lancia is next on the revival list.
Maybe there are rally plans on the horizon?

Agree - Fiat, before this 500 glutfest, had styling ahead of the rest of the pack and some tas-h-ty engines available also.

Current plans seem to indicate that its about making the accountants happy before the design and development departments are given a bit of freedom once again.

I want to see how this Chrysler deal pans out. Who's going to be making what and where.

Right on the money. Words of wisdom spoken by this Tom chap.

Ever thought of running for President?

(Put Silvio Berlusconi in his place whilst you're at it.)

Jaguar sports car with Ingenium engine, mini F Type looks at sub £30k price to undercut the Porsche Boxster...

How about a new Delorean, this time with two flux capacitors?


I would like a Vauxhall pa/pb cresta with a beefed up chassis and all modern spec. The body should look exactly the same apart from flared arches if needed. It should be more of a lazy, posin cruiser than a fireball. Oh, and I would like it in maroon and cream.

Absolutely agree! An MG should be built to conquer the MX-5. Retro with modern technology is the way to go, designed by British engineers, built in Britain

Jag F-type coupe 2+2
BMW M650d


Bring back the fun to drive MK1 Ford Escort 1970 that won in Mexico. Old Skool with all the mod-cons, just look how well the Fiat 500 is selling at the moment, it the best seller in its class where is the established Ford Ka way down the small car charts.

The best most successful car Ford have ever made both in Motorsport & the 20 million sales that followed.

Like all the cars listed here they all have one common you knew you felt owned something really special loved enjoyed everytime you had to wash it on you drive. The cars had soul, something that missing from a lot of modern cars these days.

And a new distinctive Volvo estate. The V60 looks nice, but so many other companies are doing the sport estate. Volvo should dump the long bonnet and go for maximum loadspace - the proportions of a VW caravelle in car height.

Used to get lift in a mates MGB GT what a stunning classic, exhaust note was music to your ears.

Always preferred the original MK1 to the BMW version, my first car was a 1959 Morris Mini.

Something close to the original like Fiat have done with the 500, with all the mod cons that would fly of the shelf like hotcakes.

I want audi to make a new Coupe Quattro with there latest in DSG gearbox tech with there best 4wd system and the 5cyl turbo engine with 400BHP and make a sport model with 500bhp+ would be the best car on the road in my opinion :P

Nothing overly spectacular. I'd like to see a RH drive version of the Citroen DS 9 just for sheer style and comfort. Failing that a blend of the i8 and new Porsche 928 would be a stunning car!

The return of the fantastic Ford Focus MKII - 2005 to 2011!!

Bugatti EB 112, Audi Rosemeyer, a modern day carbon fibre successor of Bugatti Royals with 8 cylinders inline like the original...

It is also a Lancia for me - surprisingly not the Stratos or Delta, but the Fulvia. Lancia did provide a prototype about 10 years ago, which I thought was gorgeous, and may well have been the solution to the present troubles

One that's paid for and driven by someone else.