Motorists caught speeding could face £10,000 fine

Increased speed limits helps to cut accidents
10 Jun, 2014 1:00pm Jordan Bishop

Proposed changes could give magistrates the power to fine motorists up to £10,000 if caught speeding on the motorway

As part of new government proposals, motorists caught speeding on the motorway could soon face fines of up to £10,000.

The move is designed to give magistrates’ courts greater power when dealing with a range of offences by raising the maximum financial penalties available.

Fines imposed by magistrates for breaking the 70mph motorway limit are currently capped at £2,500, but may increase by up to 300% if the new legislation makes it past Parliament.

Speeding on all other roads, driving without insurance and using a mobile phone at the wheel could also leave drivers liable to heftier punishments, with the exact amount depending on the type of offence.

Speed limit to be cut to 60mph on M1

At the moment, these offences are spread across five levels, each one limited to a maximum fine – ranging from £200 for level one to level five’s £5,000 penalty.

Under the proposed changes, the first four tiers will each see this upper limit quadruple, with restrictions lifted entirely for the worst offences.

It’s not just motorists who will suffer though, the cost of being found drunk and disorderly in public could rise from £1,000 to as much as £4,000, as could TV licence evasion.

Despite these dramatic revisions, in reality very few offenders can expect to receive the maximum fine, as financial punishments will continue to reflect both the level of wrongdoing and a given individual’s ability to pay.

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70mph limit on the motorway is ridiculous, still can't believe its not been upped

I can understand the severe punishments for silly speeds such as 100+, which is where I believe that the increased penalties will come into effect.

However I also believe that it should be related to your income, so if you're a footballer, city fat cat which earns £100k pw, then they should face the bigger fines (Doesn't Finland work on such a system?), where as someone who's on a fraction of it should be fined at the lower end of the scale, because it's far more punitive to them, as they're earning substantially less.

I travel as an engineer ....... we have enough roadworks..maybe I should fine them for the delays and constant 50MPH..... could be quids on.
Maybe they are just trying to kill the economy with stupid fines?
Kill someone or drive too fast...MMMM getting to equivilency??

75 mph is the limit in Spain and 80 mph in France and the great majority stick to it because of on the spot fines. Germany is not derestricted a on the Autobahn like most people think, only certain areas are derestricted and some areas are less than 100 kph which is 62 mph to you all.
In France they have dry weather and wet weather speed restrictions, so aren't you glad that we do not have blanket EU rules of the road?

Listening to the news report on TV they will be earnings related.

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Your right the UK should join the majority of the world and use the metric system on it's road signs. Also kilometres per hour is km/h not kph.

Some people don't earn £10,000 a year so maybe they will be imprisoned there will be space when the murderers have absconded from the open prisons.

I think I am right in saying that we have the safest roads in Europe, in terms of death and accidents, despite having some of the most crowded. So what is this about? You can bet money there is a sub-text.

Welcome to the 4th Reich.

Those sales reps in their speeding Audis better watch out...