CES 2015: New tech could charge electric cars in 3 minutes

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Credits: Otis Clay
7 Jan, 2015 3:45pm Lawrence Allan

Israeli firm Storedot is planning to showcase advanced battery tech that allows rapid electric car charging in early 2016

Never heard of Storedot? You may want to remember that name. The Tel Aviv-based startup has announced at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show that it will be delivering battery charging technology that allows electric cars to be juiced-up in three minutes. The firm plans to showcase this as early as the 2016 CES show.

Storedot chief executive Doran Myersdorf told the BBC the technology (designed first for mobile phones) "allows us to charge very fast, moving ions from an anode to a cathode at a speed that was not possible before we had these materials". But his firm's ambitions go well beyond that of mere mobile gadgetry.

"We are just starting work on electric vehicles," Myersdorf added. "We intend to show in one year a model of a car that can charge in three minutes." 

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"We are 100 per cent sure we can deliver, because the knowhow of how you take one cell and combine thousands of them together has already been done by Tesla."

Myserdorf went on to claim that Storedot's tech would be a "game-changer" for the plug-in electric car industry, which grew from 3,500 sales in 2013 to 14,500 last year.

Storedot began its CES presentation in Las Vegas by demonstrating a smartphone (with a modified battery) zooming from flat to full charge in around the time it takes to boil a kettle. The battery itself, which uses synthesised organic molecules, is only a few milimetres thicker than a standard phone unit.

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