DeLorean DMC-12 to go back to future production

DeLorean front static
28 Jan, 2016 4:55pm Sam Naylor

US law change allows company to start producing 'new' DeLoreans for sale to the public

A new US law covering low-volume car manufacturers means that the company that now owns the rights to the DeLorean DMC-12 can start producing new models and selling them.

The DeLorean Motor Company, which bought assets from the original Belfast factory nearly two decades ago, is aiming to produce around 300 cars at a price of less than $100,000 (£70,000), using new parts to improve on John DeLorean's original 1980s design.

The original car used a Renault-sourced V6 engine, but there's no word yet on what this new model will use. It's possible that a new unit will be dropped in, as the company is planning to add better brakes and suspension to make the car more driveable on modern roads (even if you're going somewhere that doesn't need roads).

We drove the DeLorean last year for Back to the Future day and found it to be very charming, if a little old fashioned. The new model will be built using genuine parts that were bought in 1997, and will aim to capitalise on the car's cult status since the 1985 film - something that the original car couldn't do, as the company that produced it went bankrupt in 1983.

Are you a Back to the Future fan? Would you buy a 'new' DeLorean? Let us know below...