MPs' travel expenses

MPs' travel expenses
23 Jan, 2013 6:15am Jon Morgan

Politicians have claimed £4m from taxpayers for using public transport and their own cars in 2011/12

MPs racked up more than £4million in travel expense claims in 2011/12, Auto Express can reveal. Claims data published by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority shows that politicians landed taxpayers with a bill of more than £2.3m for using public transport and £1.1m-plus for the cost of travelling in their own cars in their constituencies or to Westminster.

They claimed back £119,802.74 in parking costs and £43,250.24 for tolls and the London Congestion Charge, too.

Other “travel” claims were for hotels (£67,671.84), taxis (£55,656.38), car hire (£22,373.98), food and drink (£4,618.74), motorcycles (£300.48) and even bicycles (£161.84).

In total, MPs claimed £4,043,792.93 in travel expenses over the course of 2011/12.

We were shocked to discover that at a time when drivers are dealing with unparalleled motoring costs, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin claimed a massive £7,223.05 to use his car. And that was on top of the £4,301.40 he claimed for use of public transport (including 39 First Class train fares).

Many MPs charged taxpayers enormous sums for their mileage expenses for travelling to and from work. You can see a list of the MPs with the biggest car mileage expense claims by clicking the links on the left – including one who claimed back so much cash that he could have bought a brand-new car and run it for a year.

We also have details of the highest claims for parking costs and the highest for tolls and congestion zone charges. One MP claimed for an annual season ticket for the London congestion zone – enough for more than 250 days even though parliament only sits for around 150!

What do you make of MPs’ travel expenses? Do you think it’s fair that politicians can claim back the money they spend on commuting to their constituency offices or to Westminster, given that they have to travel from all around the country? Or do you think they should have to pay out of their own salary, like other workers? Let us know below.

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Are we really surprised? They bang on about Britain needs to change all the while they claim for kit kats, light bulbs and driving to work... the rest of us have to use our Salary to pay for everything yet they don't seem to! Typical politicians though, all talk.

Snouts in the trough as usual. Little piggy's will feed.

Sounds about right. I bet the normal amount would be around 1 mil for anyone not milking the system, but as it's government I thought it was their job to steal, I mean take from the tax payer to feed their luxurious lifestyles? Wish I could have tax payers pay for two homes for me! And why do they even pay congestion charges? What's the point in the system charging them if they are only going to claim it back of the taxpayer? Seems pretty hypoctitical to me that one.

Politicians are elected by us run this country. If we keep knocking our system , more power goes to media tycoons and british oligarchs . Our government is already in their control. If you don't like your MP, vote him out. MP's expenses and allowances is a dumb issue.

I'll be claiming my expenses now too. All this time it's nigh on bankrupted me to drive to university and work yet Pat never told us we could claim it back from the taxpayer.

It's most annoying that he's claiming so much as it's his job to understand what us motorists are going through. Such a selfish, Tory idiot.

These expenses are on top of a salary of £65,738 and they think they deserve a 32% pay rise on top for destroying the economy.

Duh..then another one just takes up the space and adopts the system not to rock the boat...

Just gets better and better...

All of them are corrupt! That money could be spent on necessary services instead of cuts!

And this is probably why ministers are happy yo bring in pay you drive as a tax system because they would just claim that back as well. Sod the rest of the people who have to pay for there own fuel at £1.40 a litre (for now) It's disgusting.

They are always attacking benefit claimants yet most of them get more in expenses than a benefit claimant gets to live on for a year. Please remember it was Margaret thatcher that brought in the expenses system so she could put wage freezes in place claiming MPs did not get a wage rise either. The expenses system should be abolished you want the job then you cover your own costs.

50% of laws made in Brussells, cut MP's by 50% equals 50% of the piggy's done.

snouts in the trough.....nothing new here then....and their tryng for a pay increase.....moral bankruptcy

Parasites seems to spring to mind - living off others.
Paid a decent wage no expenses to be claimed

What a disgrace. We can't claim for commuting to and from work, why the h*ll should MPs?

Cheecky f**kerz if this county goes tits up we knw who to blame

Pretty pointless article without detailed analysis of WHY they claimed this amount. These numbers mean nothing without details of mileage and reason for journeys.