Speed limit to be cut to 60mph on M1

Speed limit to be cut to 60mph on M1
6 Jan, 2014 3:48pm Chris Ebbs

Lower limit to be introduced to manage traffic speeds and help reduce congestion and emissions

The Highways Agency is proposing a new 60mph limit on a section of the M1 motorway in a bid to cut traffic, reduce pollution and manage traffic speeds.

A consultation has been set up, with the plans making up part of the M1 improvements in South Yorkshire and the East Midlands.

The lower limit would be in place between junction 28 at Mansfield and junction 35a at Sheffield and Rotherham and would be enforced between 7am and 7pm.

This section of road will also be part of the managed motorway all lane running scheme, which will see the hard shoulder opened up as a fourth lane for motorists to use.

However, as the stretch is in an Air Quality Management Area, implementing the all lane running scheme - with levels of traffics expected to grow – would have had an adverse effect on local air quality, according to the Agencys environmental assessment.

The Agency said that any mandatory speed limit put in place will only be enforced for as long as is necessary to mitigate significant air quality impacts. Once this is done, then the speed limit would be lifted back to the national limit.

It claimed that this would also be achieved over time with new, cleaner vehicles being introduced and at the same time older, more polluting cars becoming obsolete and leaving the road.

The plans could be altered, however, following assessment. The Agency states that it could amend the hours of the limits for example to peak hours, as well as the days it is in place, such as Monday to Friday. It may also reduce the distance over which the limit applies.

Any new limit will be enforced using gantry mounted and verge mounted speed cameras as well as standard police enforcement.

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What a joke. If they want to stop congestion then stop having signs saying "Queues ahead" which causes a massive queue. Without this the traffic would flow freely.

What crazy jobs worth has come up with this! I heard it was to cut pollution in built up areas near the M1 from Jn28 to Jn35a. Where, except across Tinsley viaduct, is there a major built up area? South of Jn32 there are small villages dotted along the M1. I believe these were here before the motorway was even built... I predict more congestion as per variable speed limits after Jn28 which are always set at 40mph on approaching a junction which causes unnecessary queues. Can Jeremy Clarkson help!?

Terrible idea, which is both an easy and lazy way to solve the EU immissions problem.

However, if they're intent on doing it, then they should also allow overtaking on both sides - which is long over due in any case.

When the middle lane hogs (who still blatantly ignore the risk of £100 fines) get to hear about the 60mph limit, then many of them will undoubtably adjust their speed down to 50mph (obviously abiding by the revised 70/60/50 rule, which can only be found in the mysterious, middle laner's "unique edition" of the highway code).

The whole motorway will be backed up and grind to a halt if they do this, and yet still do not allow over taking on both sides.

What happened to the proposal of RAISING the speed limit to 80? Instead they are cutting it, and it's not just the M1, I see speed limit cuts happening all over, even the new part of the M74 in Glasgow, it's a 60 which goes down to 50 a couple of junctions before you join the M8, which stays like that until you get to Cardonald about 4 miles further on when it goes back to 70, it's ludicrous, cars nowadays are capable of 80 without even noticing, and the really nasty bit about the new bit of the '74 is that the traffic cops are sitting there most days with the speed gun because they know that the low speed limit doesn't get complied with very often, so more money for them!

I assume that as this is purely anti-pollution on the affected stretches - that when I get my electric BMW i3, I shall be able to go to 70mph, passing all the polluters at 60mph ?

Don't believe the bullsh*t. I saw a report saying this has come about through an EU directive, where else can we see such blatant stupidity. This must rank among those weird straight bananas and re-naming of Cornish Pasties rules. Vote UKIP and get us out of this mess.

The 60mph limit is for all cars, including dreamers like you.

Germany is a member state of the EU, and has unrestricted sections of the Autobahn. Try again Euro phobe.

Until you run out of juice, and the rest of us trundle past. The tortoise and the hare. :)

Teach people to 'keep left except when overtaking' then congestion and the pollution it causes would diminish considerably. Vehicles are most economical and least polluting when travelling at a steady speed ...

Tax fines ? Big money maker

But Germany IS Europe so zey can do azz zey pleaze. Vote UKIP

If they raise the speed limit to 80 MPH not may people would bother speeding hence lower revenues from speeding tickets. Lower it to 60 and everyone will get done doing 70 MPH. Got to keep the dolers in Bensons

it's right and wrong. its wrong because all the government can think of is to annoy the drivers to the point they would use the overly priced rail whose fares can be used to fund and run it or the congestions are either caused by roadworks that don't occur. it's right because foolish drivers who speed behind law abiding drivers then brake heavily and the tail backs happen until someone is rear ended and 2 lanes are closed. i've driven on M1, M42 for more than 6 years and seen this often happen. until we drive carefully and change our driving habits, the government will keep thinking of silly schemes like this

This wouldn't have anything to do with Nick Cleggs' constituency being in South Yorkshire would it? There must be some political motive behind such rampant insanity.

Read the DFT consultation document - it's Directive 2008/50/EC.
There is no reasoned justification for the proposals in the woolly document at all - it's a solution in search of a problem!
If they get this passed, I bet there's another regulation on the drawing board cracking down on car use in the name of carbon emissions. A great excuse for banning some car use or taxing us off the road.

We had the pollution debate in London, and it is barmy that the EU has powers to fine Britain millions of pounds (it needs our money to keep their overpaid bureaucrats in their gas-guzzlers).

Pollution can blow into London from outside the M25 or even abroad, so not something that Boris is truly in control of. Same goes for the M1.

Besides much of the pollution on the M1 will come from large diesel-engined vehicles like HGVs and coaches (cars are relatively clean). These vehicles are often limited to 56mph, so what is the point of slowing everyone else down.

The war on the motorist is still very much going on under 'Heir to Blair' greenie Cameron and his useless government.

I agree with you entirely, the poor standards of driving is what should be tackled, ranging from the 'bullies' who force you out of the way even although you are already doing about 80 on the motorway, and the incompetant tubes who insist on doing 60-ish on the outside lane and refuse to pull into the inside where they should be, even although they aren't passing anything, which in the end makes you pass them on the inside, which I know you shouldn't do, but you get frustrated with them and annoyed, the key is to encourage better and more considerate driving instead of forcing everybody else to drive slower, and as for the environmental argument, well that's just a lot of crap, for a number of reasons! They really don't have a clue sometimes!

Nonsense, if you are driving correctly its not possible to be bullied !

No, but you rather miss the point. The EU has set air pollution targets, which I think you'll agree is a good thing. And even if you like pollution(!), the reduction of it is a generally accepted in most nations
to be a goal worth pursuing - even China is cracking down on pollution now.
The UK is looking to meet these targets by reducing the speed of traffic, so the
UK authorities are to "blame". If the EU didn't set such targets, we
would be subjected to international condemnation, with each member state
being forced to succumb to pressure and set targets independently,
duplicating work and wasting time and money. Why do something dozens of
times when you can do it once for everyone?

This is just stupid. 1 the M! is already down to 2 lanes at Junction 34, because of the top deck of the Tinsley Viaduct. The only place you can achieve 70 mph, is between Junction 32 and 33. Then traffic is backing up to either 33 or 35, because so many people are pulling off at 34 , to go to the Meadowhall Shopping Centre (Soon to have an IKEA), Rotherham, or Sheffield. Local residents in Tinsley already complain about air quality, from so much traffic being stationary. And why spend £ Millions, converting the Hard Shoulder, in this Section just to have traffic move slower. To Quote Basil Fawlty "This is How it started in Germany".

so your already speeding, and someone behind you wants to speed more, therefore your in the right and they are in the wrong?

your just as much the problem as anyone else. Yes they shouldn't be towing you but lets face it, if your both breaking the law anyway who really cares.

Lane discipline is the biggest factor, people need to move over when they are done overtaking, the amount of times i see the fast lane come to a complete halt whilst the other two are moving fine is ridiculous.