Italy is the worst country to drive in, say British motorists

Earthquake in Italy
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10 Apr, 2014 1:00pm Joe Finnerty

Brits rate Italian drivers and road network as the most dangerous, according to new study

Brits have ranked Italy as the worst country to drive in due to its combination of a dangerous road network and fast drivers, according to a new study.

The Italians' mix of twisty cliff top roads and bustling city centres and their antics behind the wheel strike fear into UK motorists more than any other nation.

A study of 2,000 drivers who have attempted to navigate the roads of foreign countries found that the boot-shaped country is the worst for British motorists because of erratic drivers, bustling city centres and poor roads.

According to the research by, Italians are most guilty of lane dodging, unexplained hooting and speeding. Despite Brits' fears of Italy, though, the survey revealed more people have actually had accidents in Spain. Meanwhile, driving in Germany is considered the safest.

"Driving on the wrong side of the road" big concern for Brits abroad

One problem that faces all drivers, regardless of the country and ranks as the top concern for Brits abroad is driving on the wrong side of the road. The different rules and unusual road signs also worry drivers. said one in seven Brits have been involved in a car accident abroad - whether that's in Europe, the US or China - and a further 15 per cent have had near misses on international roads.

A similar number have been pulled over by police while abroad with a quarter of these for drink-driving. However, one in six went as far as saying they still don't know why they were pulled over.

Gareth Robinson, managing director of, said: "Driving abroad can be stressful, especially if you are not experienced at it. Most countries, even those in Europe will have different road markings, terrain, signs and laws to consider.

"Many motorists going off on their holidays just think it’s a case of jumping in the car and driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road but there is a lot more to consider.

Have you had any close calls or bad experiences while driving abroad? Do you think foreign drivers are better than those in the UK? Tell us in the comments section below...

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I'm Italian, and I completely agree.

I'm Italian too, but I disagree...

This is because they didn't drive in Argentina yet. I'm argentinian and i drove in Italy several times. Italian drivers are english lords compared to caveman argentinian drivers.

I actually enjoyed driving round Italy, there style of driving is similar to my own. I.E slow hesitant (dangerous) drivers can get the bus instead!

Come to Canada and you will think they are actually ok!

Or Sri Lanka, or Morocco... Italy was frustrating but these two made me fear for my life.

I love driving in Italy! Drivers know the width of their cars and don't hang around waiting for bus-sized gaps the way UK drivers tend to. They enjoy their cars and enjoy driving.

Germany's fine too, with excellent lane discipline on the autobahns and good concentration. But German drivers seem not to know how to handle a wet day, slowing down and becoming far too cautious.

British drivers can learn from both Italians and Germans :).

If you wanna test dangerous driving, go to Cairo, Egypt or New Delhi, India! hahaha you will fear for your life. By the way, people in there get used to it, and they invent their own special rules. Nothing happen to them and there's no accidents. If you found one, sure a foreigner is involved.

I thought driving in Italy was alright. Their autostradas are great and smaller roads aren't any worse than those I find in the UK. Brit drivers are fast too, especially in the wet.

Italy generally is OK for driving. Rome is a nightmare, but all Italy is not roam.

They are nuts in Italy, I got hit in the most calm place over there, Lake Como! But i agree, they can enjoy a car and not be suppressed like we are in UK, best idea I ever saw in Sicily was the traffic lights, they switch off after hours so you don't sit a pointless red traffic lights, best idea ever

I meant Lake Garda

the worst place to drive is by far portugal! Come and see!!

Drivers in portugal drive too fast, do not have any respect at all, do not stop in signals, do not swtich lights when turn, insult other drivers, are quite agressive and do not respect traffic laws!!

Yeah, the amount of Ford fanboys with their ugly POS cars.

I live in Albania - if Italy is bad, there are no words to describe the driving here!

I had a near miss in Germany last year.

I was on the A2 Eastbound and I was about to overtake a RHD white Ford Focus hogging the middle lane whilst a BMW flashed me before I could pull into lane 3 (lane 1 defined as being the righter most lane).

Before I set off I did some research and I knew that flashing in Europe means the opposite as it does here i.e. "move out of my way" so I had to overtake this idiot in lane 1 after checking the right hand side quickly to check for cars.

British lane hoggers even in Germany. Unbelievable.