The best new cars for under £100 per month

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15 Jul, 2014 12:00pm

We've been through some of the top car deals in the UK to find the best models for less than £100 per month

Finance is an affordable way to get hold of a new car, and with three quarters of new cars bought on these schemes it seems buyers are waking up to the potential of owning a new model. With increasing competition, manufacturers will drop their prices to low monthly amounts to entice new customers.

There are a lot of excellent deals out these, and some cars can even be put on your driveway for less than £100 a month. At this low price, it can be tempting to go for a brand new car over a used one - and with cars like the practical Dacia Sandero costing just a bit more than a satellite television subscription, many will be able to afford them.

Finding the best deals and the lowest prices can be a hassle, so we've been through the top cars available now to pick out a list of the best cars that you can have for less than £100 a month, and you can read about each car by clicking on the links to the left.

Some of our favourite city cars make it on to the list, including the Skoda Citigo, Hyundai i10 and VW up!. There's one car that stands out for those looking for practicality, though: the Dacia Sandero might be cheap, but it has a lot more space than the city cars that make up the rest of this list.

We've gone through the whole market - from £100 or less up to £500 - and the rest of the deals can be found in this series of articles. So whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re bound to find the right model in our list.

All the deals are Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) schemes – so you’ll pay a deposit (unless otherwise stated) and a number of monthly payments. When the contract comes to an end you’ll have the option of paying a final lump sum to take ownership of the car, using the car’s remaining value to trade-in for a new model, or you can hand back the car keys and part ways.

You’ll find our list of top cars for £100 or less to the left. Or you can follow the links below to find the best deals in other price brackets:

• Under £100 per month
• Under £150 per month
• Under £200 per month
• Under £250 per month
• Under £300 per month
• Under £350 per month
• Under £400 per month
• Under £600 per month

For an alternative view on the best cheap cars, check out our sister site Carbuyer.

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Sorry guys but this article is pretty pointless. What good is an affordable monthly payment of just under £100 if you need to find 24 months' payments as a deposit??

It's a con. There are no deals here, just headline rates and links to somewhere else.

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Article would be more useful if payment level and comparisons were with no deposit. You make any new car under £100 with a big enough deposit....

Agree this article seems misleading but there are some cracking deals out there. I have just been offered a red 207 Millesim 3dr for £169 deposit and £169 per month!! That is cracking value I thought considering it is such a well spec'd car with alloys, all electrics and even bluetooth. And if that's not enough, I'll get my deposit back by sticking the free nokia phone I get with it on e-bay!!

This article wins most misleading, pointless piece of nothing. Please explain how any direct comparison can be made with no idea of how monthly payment is arrived at.

Feature is as useful as a chocolate teapot!
Waste of webspace

Hello. Won't be back to this useless site, so it's goodbye from him!!!

Yes, it is odd as I could not open any of the recommended advertisements. Having said this, Vauxhall was offering a scheme tailor-made to one's financial position. I purchased a new Corsa 1.4 auto SE model for £288 x 48 months with a 100,000 mile unlimited time guarantee with no down payment. I do not like the Corsa but could not locate a better finance package. The average mpg is reckoned to be 45 miles for the Corsa models but this car gives me only 28.2 on local runs and only 37.6 on motorways. The engine has been checked and found to be okay so what is one's form of redress with such a disparity? I have had the car since 1st April this year.

what a waste of my time, theres nothing on the page!

Why even mention this when SO many people find it hard to get finance?

How disappointing. Just discovered that IF I had a company car and IF my company wanted to buy me a Skoda I would pay less than £100 per month in tax. As ways of getting a car for under £100 per month that's a lot of hurdles I have to jump through. Here was me stupidly thinking that the headline of "The best new cars for under £100 a month" might simply refer to the finance costs of owning one! Will remember to avoid this site in future

Waste of time - fraudulent headline.

Buy a second hand car for under £1200, plastic people - if it lasts a year that's £100/month. Let your shallow snobby neighbours get heavily into debt for the privilege of looking down on you!

Whatever has happened here? At the time I am writing this article is three years old and some at least of the cars featured are no longer available. Can do better AE, much better!

why are cars so expensive

I like the way this article completely discredits autoexpress and makes me never want to visit their site again. That was the best bit.

I'll know better than to trust these again!


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Wheres the car of the year then? One would think it would have made it in somewhere!!!

Bye Andy. Nice seeing you. x

Wowsa! I know that three years have passed, but is this deal still available? I'm not only desperate for a special edition French turdbox, but also for a Nokia phone. Does it have Snake II on it?

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