Mazda Takeri

22 Feb, 2012 2:00pm Damion Smy

We hit the road in the bold concept that points to the next Mazda 6


The production version of the new 6 is due to be revealed at September’s Paris Motor Show, so we’ll have to wait until after then for a full drive. But family buyers are in for a treat, with the great looks inside and out and sporty new front-wheel-drive chassis. Plus, it should be one of the class’s most efficient cars.
Mazda is gearing up to take on the BMW 3 Series and Ford Mondeo with its latest family car. This is the Takeri – a striking four-door concept that previews the new 6. It’s due next year, and Auto Express has driven it.

The newcomer should really stand out: the wheelbase is longer than on the current 6, while the windscreen is further back and has a more acute angle.

Tone down the concept car’s wing mirrors, 20-inch alloys and their hand-cut slick tyres, plus some of the elaborate detailing in the front and rear LED lights, and what you’re looking at is essentially the new 6.

Sitting in the Takeri is like being in a hi-tech lounge. Lower yourself into the well sculpted, tan-coloured seats and you’re greeted by a stunning dashboard layout. Mazda has clearly focused on fit and finish, with top-quality, luxurious surfaces throughout.

Gorgeous backlit dials and an ornate gearlever continue the sharp-edged design theme of the exterior, with a rhombus-shaped centre infotainment display.

But it’s what’s under the skin that really counts. Mazda’s European design boss, Peter Birtwhistle, describes the Takeri as an “envelope” for the highly efficient new SkyActiv drivetrain and chassis technology. The production 6 will offer a 148bhp 2.2-litre SkyActiv diesel and six-speed transmission that are already proven in the CX-5 SUV.

Expect the 6 to emit around 109g/km of CO2 and offer a range of up to 1,000 miles, due to the use of the company’s i-stop stop-start technology and i-Eloop regenerative braking. What is the Takeri like to drive, though? Well, the steering wheel feels chunky and the driving position is superb.

That brilliant panoramic glass roof makes the car feel spacious and airy, even for a six-footer. We couldn’t drive it very quickly – it’s a priceless concept and isn’t meant to do anything more strenuous than sit on a show stand – but it felt surprisingly agile.

The production model is expected to offer a similarly sporty driving experience to the current 6, but with even greater comfort and refinement. And our short time at the wheel bodes well for the car’s chances.

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As usual the all new Mazda 6 (Takeri) will not be as good as the Ford equivalent no matter what Mazda does, the British Motoring Media has this love affair with Ford which borders on ludicrous...
It never matters what model Ford makes it is always better than the rest...

Looks awesome.
Do what Vauxhall did and change the name. Better sales and a better response!

If this makes it to production more or less intact then Mazda should have a real winner on their hands. I doubt the £16K estimated start point is a little unrealistic though.

do an evoque and make the production car be as similar as this

But in response to 'lucasworld' s comment I would see no need to change the name. When the 6 was launched back in 2002 it quickly made a name for itself as a dynamic, well built and reliable vehicle. It even managed to win the best car in the Driver Power awards back in 2003, and its image is still strong today. Vauxhall dropped the Vectra name because it had an image problem right from the start. As a current 6 owner I would be highly tempted by what I see above and hopefully Mazda will stay true to this concept.

I have an '04 Mazda 6 hatch. This new Takeri is a huge improvement over the current 4-door only 6 available in the US. HUGE!! I'm not a fan of the futuristic knob and center console display design, but as we've seen from the production CX-5, that will all go away in the name of affordability and constructibility. Thankfully! I love almost everything about the exterior - except for the Hyundai Sonata chrome strip between the tail lights. The seats look fantastic, and I hope the productions versions are close. My seats are simple, and a bit lame. The high contrast color scheme is a welcome change over my black on black on black interior, and I hope the lines engaging the dashboard from the door panels remain. I am surprised by the top swoop running from the doors along the base of the windshield - kind of an unintentional '90s Buick concept car element. So, sell me this in a high-powered 6 speed manual AWD version and I'll be happy for a long, long time! OH, and lucasworld - there's nothing wrong with the Mazda 6 name, though I'd rather drive a car with a sexy name like "Takeri" over "6" anyday. "So Bill, what model Mazda do you drive?" "Oh, it's a 6". "6 what? speeds? cylinders?" haha

With most current designs being ugly and/or full of silly 'look-at-me' gimmicks, this seems to be just a handsome flowing shape with a minimum of unnecessary decoration. Hope at last. Well done Mazda. p.s. have a word with your mate Ford, because their current designs are as ugly as hell! p.p.s. The current 6 is pretty damn good too.

I would hope that a 2.2 diesel pumped out more than 148bhp, it should be nearer 180-200. Apart from that, its very impressive.

A real contender, and a very well-designed, cohesive piece. Excellent, really. Not so much concerned with exterior details that won't make it to production as interior details. That is a wonderful place to spend the hours. Hope most of that makes it through the meat grinder (accounting). With their really effective SkyActiv tech underneath, this should drive really well and be a hit. Getting harder by the day to choose just one to take home. Best problem ever.

are you taking a good look, Audi, VW, BMW, Ford etc.? along with Citroen, Kia, Hyundai etc this is how it's really done. of course a groundbreaking design, clever packageing, stylish car only gets 4stars as usual. Well done again AE? just what is so wrong with giving a deserving, non german monotonymobile 5stars? congrats to Mazda, it deserves to be a huge success.

I had this decision to make nearly three years ago. I a in a Ford?Mazda dealership and the two cars are side by side. When the current Mazda 6 was in the design phase, Mazda decided to use a different chasis and not make the Mazda 6 as large as the Mondeo.

Size-wise, the Mazda was only as wide as the latest Focus. The cabin materials looked cheap compared to the Mondeo and the seats were thin and not well padded, to make the most of rear leg space I suppose. Now I am at that time again to update my Mondeo. This new '6' looks lovely and Mazda should have a competitive car once again, as manufacrtueres like Hyundai and KIA raise their game in this segment.

Key specs

* Price: From £16,000 (est)
* Engine: 2.2-litre 4cyl, 148bhp
* Transmission: Six-speed automatic, front-wheel drive
* 0-60/top speed: 9.5s/130mph (est)
* Economy/CO2: 62mpg/109g/km (est)
* Equipment: Sat-nav, Bluetooth, lane-keeping assist, auto city braking, dual-zone climate control
* On sale: March 2013