BMW 3-series

BMW 3-series
1 Nov, 2010 11:42am

Economy 60.1mpg, CO2: 125g/km, road tax: £90

Shocked to see a premium saloon among these family models? Don’t be, as the BMW 320d is more efficient than many small cars. Fuel-saving kit includes stop-start, regenerative braking and low-viscosity oils, and means 60.1mpg combined. The 316d, 318d and 320d EfficientDynamics models are even more efficient, but the standard 320d is our pick, with its perfect blend of pace and economy. Its punchy 181bhp 2.0-litre engine gives 0-62mph in 7.5 seconds, while beautiful handling and rock-solid residuals complete the package.

Key specs

* Prices: £25,920-£29,795
* Engine: 2.0-litre 4cyl, 181bhp
* 0-60mph: 7.4 seconds
* CO2: 125g/km
* Road tax: £90
* Residuals: 40.7 per cent (320d SE)