Infiniti Q30 2015 static
Car group tests

Safest cars on sale 2016

19 Jan, 2016

Here are the safest cars tested by Euro NCAP over the last 12 months, from MPVs to superminis

Nissan Micra front tracking
In-depth reviews

Nissan Micra review

The fourth-generation Nissan Micra supermini offers more space than before, as well as lower emissions and better economy

Mercedes-AMG GT S - front tracking
In-depth reviews

Mercedes-AMG GT review

Mercedes thinks it can knock the Porsche 911 off the top of the sports car market, and the AMG GT is the car to do it

Kia Sportage 2016 - cropped front cornering
Road tests

New Kia Sportage 2016 review

20 Jan, 2016

An early drive of the Kia Sportage compact crossover reveals a promising car that we look forward to driving in UK spec

Ford Focus RS 2016 - cornering
In-depth reviews

Ford Focus RS review

Third generation Ford Focus RS adds four-wheel drive to become the firm’s most extreme hot hatch yet

Jaguar F-Pace Prototype - front tracking cropped
Road tests

Jaguar F-Pace SUV 2016 review

8 Feb, 2016

F-Pace SUV continues Jaguar’s move into the modern world with sporting credentials and impressive refinement

Ford Galaxy - front cornering
In-depth reviews

Ford Galaxy review

The Galaxy is Ford's largest MPV in the range and offers plenty of space, tech and comfort

Honda CR-V long-termer - fuel
Long-term tests

Long-term test review: Honda CR-V

18 Jan, 2016

Second report: Practical and stylish Honda CR-V SUV fails to live up to its fuel-efficient promise

New BMW X6 M50d 2014 tracking
In-depth reviews

BMW X6 review

The second-generation BMW X6 is still a niche car, but the improvements have boosted its appeal

Ford Focus RS 2016
Road tests

New Ford Focus RS 2016 review

18 Jan, 2016

Ford's legendary RS brand returns with the new Ford Focus RS setting a new hot hatch standard