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2009-reg Diesel, Owner for 1 to 3 years

No problems in the year thati have owned it. starts first time. Very good on fuel if driven sensibly, returns good mileage whilst cruising, even at high speeds, thirstiest on windy country roads, have to use gears well. parts and servicing costs are reasonable.

Reliability: 5/5 Build Quality: 5/5
2011-reg Petrol, Owner for 1 to 3 years

Touch wood no problems so far except for poor fuel sofrware update? but still not very good. As above fuel consumptionwas told by it was due to using the air con,most of the time (rubbish).

Reliability: 4/5 Build Quality: 4/5
2010-reg Diesel, Owner for 1 to 3 years

Have not been let down yet. visits to garage only for sevice, recall and to resolve initial water ingress. the latter resolved by a modification. So far good. only service fuel tax and insurance.

Reliability: 5/5 Build Quality: 4/5
2010-reg Petrol, Owner for less than a year

Runs very sluggish,very noisydont trust it.had problem with brakes too.keep getting fobbed off by the dealer. Expensive on fuel.

Reliability: 1/5 Build Quality: 1/5
2011-reg Petrol, Owner for less than a year

No problems to date. Not sure how best to answer as for personal reasons limited mileage to date.

Reliability: 5/5 Build Quality: 4/5