Chevrolet to cut Volt price

11 Sep, 2013 4:13pm Jonathan Burn

The Chevrolet Volt will receive a price cut in order to make it more of a rival for conventionally powered vehicles

Chevrolet is set to announce a price cut for the Volt range-extender vehicle in an attempt to make it a more viable option for families and help boost sales.

GM has already slashed $5,000 off the list price of the Volt in North America and the price reduction is likely to make its way across the Atlantic in the coming months.

The cut is likely to be in the region of around £3,000 and would echo a similar move made by Chevrolet's sister brand, Vauxhall, which has slashed the price of the Ampera by £3,500.

The Ampera and Volt share the same range-entender drivetrain, which features an electric motor backed-up by a 148bhp 1.4-litre petrol engine that acts as a power generator to keep the batteries topped-up once the car exhausts its electric-only range.  

When the price cut goes ahead, the Chevrolet Volt is likely to undercut the Ampera by around £1,525 – with prices starting from £27,225 once the £5,000 Government grant has been factored in. 

GM claims that both cars are able to achieve up to 50 miles on electric power alone, with the range-extender engine offering enough juice to keep it going for a further 250 miles.

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Still too expensive. No wonder I've seen only two on the road so far.
Soon the eco-buyers would be able to buy range-extender i3 for less.

All the new electrics coming to market are cheaper so of course they had to cut the price.

That's strange, even before the price cut, my Ampera was cheaper than many of my colleagues' BMW 3-series and Audi A4s and has more kit. Add to the equation the 105mpg my car has averaged over 7,000 trouble free miles, step-change tech, a much better ride and having something different to every other car on the market, I am not sure you could say it is too expensive.