Citroen Numero 9 concept

23 Apr, 2012 1:01am Jack Rix

Citroen has unveiled the Numero 9 concept at the Beijing Motor Show

The Citroen DS range has a bold new flagship, Numero 9. We revealed spy shots last month, but Citroen has now unveiled the car at the Beijing Motor Show.

Officially the Numero 9 is still a concept, but Citroen has confirmed that it previews one of three new DS models, including a small saloon and an SUV initially aimed at the Chinese market.

Video: Watch the official promo for the Numero 9 concept

Following the stunning DS5 was always going to be a tough task for Citroen’s designers, but the DS9 adopts an even more striking elongated shooting brake bodystyle. At the front, the wide grille flows into LED headlights, while a wafer-thin roof spoiler and turbine alloys add style and improve aerodynamic efficiency.

Although the new model will attempt to lure buyers away from the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series, its proportions are unique. At 4.9 metres, it’s the same length as a Porsche Panamera, but wider and much lower, with a longer wheelbase.

Under the skin is an advanced plug-in hybrid powertrain capable of returning 166mpg and with CO2 emissions of 39g/km. It uses a 225bhp 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine to drive the front wheels and a 70bhp electric motor, fuelled by a lithium-ion battery pack, for the rears.

Citroen has said the petrol engine is interchangeable with a diesel, stirring speculation that a UK version is on the way.

Charging the batteries takes 3.5 hours from a standard socket, giving an electric-only range of more than 30 miles. A boost function allows the petrol engine and electric motor to work together to their maximum potential, producing a total of 295bhp, and taking the car from 0-62mph in 5.4 seconds.

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Made for Asian markets China in particular not sure if it will make Europe let alone the UK, big Citroens do not fare well in the UK, but the DS range has changed Citroens perception as Audi did to for VW, and I remember when BMW were the British Leyland of Germany, the market is looking for something different from those boring German cars, the DS3, DS4 and DS5 have sold double there expected production limits, only Citroen could produce such cars....I drive a DS4 200bhp, it's brilliant..before you all scream out..I have done 12000 mls trouble

I am normally a sports car person, but this car is stunning.

I look forward to seeing more about the car, including the price.

I am sure it won't make it to the US, but I wish them success.

Stunning motor. Wouldn't surprise me if it get's the go-ahead. Lets hope so.

I really want to know whi is the artist behind the promo song

Now this is a car which needs to be imported to the UK. This shows how big cars should be done and how economically they can be made and run. Citroen's DS line is a big success and is giving the rest of the motor trade a good kick up the backside. Drove the DS5 today and it handles and rides brilliantly regardless of the idiot reviewer of Auto Express is paid to say. The rest of the the motor journallists in the trade like it too apart from here and it's sister mag What Car. They just like yawning and boring VAG products.

The sexiest indicators in the world, ever. Fact!

Stunning design! Magnificent car, the most beautiful car in this range in my opinion without any doubt. Citroen has really moved up since the new C5 was produced, and the DS line has proven to be such a success. In fact we own a DS3 (HDI 110 Hp) and our level of satisfaction is 95/100. It is such a beauty, inside as well as outside and so pleasant to drive.
If this DS9 is being produced for the European market, without a doubt I will buy one, even if pricing come close to the Audi A7. Check the DS4 and the DS5, look what equipment Citroen delivers and compare the same configuration with an Audi or an MB? You will get so much more for your bucks.
I own an Audi A5 (Quattro TDI 3L). I have owned two MB's (300CE; 300CE-24V). But I have had more reliability problems than I have had with my previous Peugeot 406 coupé (3L), 206 GTI and 504. And trust me; I gave these cars a hard time.

MB Audi and BMW be aware!
Great design worthy of the French fashion class.

Yes, even BMW be aware!

You know all those people who droned on about the DS3 not being really a DS because it didn't have the stun-factor of the original (which was a large saloon, not a super-mini)...

...well, here is the actual spiritual successor to the DS. A DS for the 21st century. It's been worth the wait.

OMG that has got to be the sexiest thing on wheels ever, I want one.

I was one of those who shed a tear when the CX ended production and thought that Citroen really lost it's way with the plastic BX (I sadly bought one!) and the rather horrid models that followed. The DS range is inspired and this is frankly stunning. If this is what actually gets made then I'll trade the Porsche tomorrow. Look out Merc Jag, and BMW is all I can say. Whoever the designer is needs to get an award.

honestly now, side by side, A6, E Class, 5 Series or any other over rated, over priced, stuck in the badge snobbery car journalist endorsed rut of things, which would you REALLY choose? this IS the way to go, hats off to Citroen for the entire DS range. as i've said already... I WANT TO SEE THE INTERIOR? PLEASE? What a masterpiece.

This thing is an extraordinary piece of sculpture, not just a car.. It sets a new standard for what a crossover or SUV can look like, hell, what a car can look like. Bravo to the designer. Who is he/she? We have a new star!

The song is "I Am Mine" by Sarah Elizabeth Lacy

Love this concept, If the female model comes with this car, i will buy two! she is equally stunning!!
BTW - Your images/photography needs to improve. They suck. The noise is terrible. Invest in a proper camera rather than using your iPhones.

You must have had worse luck than me with Citroen dealers. Mine has been fine and, on one occasion, took the car in at a moments notice to deal with a footling problem which needed the door panel taking off to gain access. Citroen do spot checks with customers to see how their dealers are performing. It was good to be able to give them 100 per cent in this instance.

We all are subjective about this. In the course of my job I have spat pins about the local Renault dealer on successive occasions whilst the Peugeot dealer, once appalling, has become very good indeed. There is a thread on AE from VW Polo owners growling about various dealerships spread over the country. I would be wary about generalisations.

Great looking car.
Unfortunately it will be sold by Citroen dealers. The kiss of death.
PSA should open a DS-only chain of showrooms themselves, to ensure a top level of customer service and satisfaction that Citroen owners can only dream of with the present setup.

This must have got lost in the space/time continuum!

Citroen always has the most amazing concept cars, and then.....nothing.