Dacia boss wants sports car

4 Dec, 2012 3:55pm Jack Rix

Dacia boss says he wants to expand the line-up with a two-seater sports car

A Dacia sports car could become a reality if its UK boss gets his way, Auto Express has learned. Thierry Sybord, Dacia UK's managing director told us that "his dream" is to add a two seater sports car to the line up.

"In my opinion a sports car is exactly what we need," Sybord revealed. "Like the original Alpine, it would be simple, affordable and most of all fun to drive - it's not necessarily about going fast."

A joint venture between Renault and Caterham was announced last month to revive the Alpine name and work on a range of future sports cars, but there are no plans for Dacia to plunder technology or a platform from that partnership.

"The new Alpine platform will be way too expensive for Dacia," Sybord explained. "It would have to be based on a development of the Logan chassis, like all Dacias. It would use a similar philosophy to the original MX-5 but be cheaper."

Sybord also shed some light on how he wants to expand the Dacia line-up in the UK, which will include the Duster, Sandero and Sandero Stepway when sales officially begin in January.

"My ideal range would be the Duster, the two Sanderos and eventually the Lodgy, although the Lodgy would need a facelift, and then this sporty model aimed at younger customers."

Dacia is hoping to sell close to 20,000 units in the UK next year - it's first full year of trading - which equates to around one per cent of the total market.

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Aren't Dacia getting a little ahead of themselves here?

I don't think they've ever heard of the saying 'Dont run before you can walk!'

Dacia is new to a lot of countries in Europe in the last few years, they are a bit Johnny come lately to the UK, it's new Dacia Duster was realised in 2010, it's come from nowhere and outsells the Ford Kuga 2:1 in Europe at the moment, please correct me if l am wrong.

Dacia offer good value for money very reliable A to B transport in austere times. The Germans got Dacia before us, they voted Dacia their No2 most favourite brand behind Audi but ahead of Mercedes Benz in a Germanys JP Power Survey, so they are no fly-by-night.

A cheap reliable MX-5, yes please!! Maybe they could use the Renault Megane RS Trophy platform that set the fastest FWD car lap time around the Nurburgring, but sold at Dacia low prices.

The only SERIOUS problem with Dacia is the poor safety. My company would not allow me have one, as staff are only allowed 5* NCAP rated cars. I am shocked Renault would allow one of their brand not get 5*! Lets hope that the latest models improve.

In terms of a sports car, I couldn't agree less with the Dacia MD that they need a sports car! .....the key thing that a sports car MUST possess is the way it makes you feel. I don't think this means that a car needs to be expensive (think MX-5), but it needs to be special.

Think that a city car (based on existing Twingo platform?) is what they need!

3 stars of today, means, in fact, the score of a BMW car some years ago. And, some years ago, the people thought that the BMW cars were very securely.

I am thinking a sport version of Dacia will depend on its success in UK.

Why do all these manufactures forget about people who need automatics the Duster would be a great car for me but there's no auto option very disappointed as auto are on the rise because of traffic issues come get your act together

do you know a car that costs £6.000 and got 5* NCAP? i thought so...

Your company are a shower of whingers, what are they going to do, not let you into the car park when you arrive in the morning? They need to get their priorities right

ATTENTION! for all the snobs:

Dacia has actually 4 STARS for ADULT PROTECTION

and 5 STARS for CHILD PROTECTION. however the overall score is 3 stars is because

1 has no audible seatbelt reminder (for idiots)

2 and the Entry level car has no ESP