Dacia reaches 10,000 sales

Dacia Duster front cornering
3 Oct, 2013 4:02pm Jonathan Burn

Dacia has sold its 10,000th car in the UK only ten months after its official launch

Dacia hasn’t even been selling cars in the UK for a year yet, but already the Romanian manufacturer has managed to deliver 10,000 cars, with orders for a further 1,500 models already taken.

During the ten months of sales, the most popular model has proved to be the Duster crossover with just shy of 5,600 finding homes. The Sandero range isn’t too far behind, with sales of 5,400, of which 980 of them are the jacked-up Stepway model, only introduced to the range in June. 

Sales are set to further increase with the addition of Dacia’s latest model to the range, the Logan MCV. Sticking to Dacia’s budget ethos, the Logan is Britain’s cheapest estate car priced at £6,995.

The owner of the landmark 10,000th car, Elma Marshall, has taken delivery of a top-spec Dacia Duster Ambiance 4x4 on Scotland’s east coast. “I’d read a lot of things about Dacia on the internet before I went to Ness in Perth, and the fact that Duster was the Scottish Car of the Year also hadn’t escaped my notice,” said Ms Marshall. “As soon as I sat in it, I loved it. It was comfy and the chunky styling really reassured me that I'd be safe in the snowiest weather.”

Ken Ramirez, Managing Director, Renault UK & Ireland, added, “I’m over the moon that Elma, as well as over 10,000 other Dacia owners, have recognised the ‘shockingly affordable’ value-for-money of Duster and Sandero in terms of space, practicality and equipment, so far this year.”

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They may well be 'shockingly affordable' but they are also shockingly poor when it comes to finish. Brand new cars delivered with rust issues due to panels not being galvanised. As the old saying goes you get what you pay for...

I am surprised about the popularity of Dacia when Renault get such a bad name on reliability. After all Dacia are just Renaults underneath.

It's the new skoda or lada, kids at school will be laughing at those dropped off in a Dacia.

Hardly a year on sale and Dacia has shifted almost as many Dusters as Skoda has shifted Yetis. Shocking!
No wonder VW is preparing a cheaper brand / range to take on Dacia. Save yourself the trouble, VW, and just right price your existing cars.

That's a bit of a harsh generalisation. To put things in context: yes, there have been a few build quality problems reported, including rust on a few cars, and yes, this shouldn't happen. But crucially, the rust issues have so far been confined to a few RHD Duster models, which are built on a new line in Chennai, India; Sandero models and LHD Dusters are produced in Romania, and have not suffered from this problem to date.

Clearly there have been issues of hit-and-miss Quality Control at the Chennai factory, and these absolutely need to be addressed - but it's not right or fair to write off the entire brand on the strength of them. The product itself has a good reputation in europe, and given the chance, there's absolutely no reason why Renault / Dacia can't get the Indian plant producing to the same standard - considering the number of other brands with factories there producing for RHD markets.

If, a year down the line from now, we're still hearing reports of new Dusters with rust, or - worse - Romanian-built models with the same issue, then your comment will be fair. But give them the opportunity to put it right first.

10000 people in the UK who dont really care about cars and just want to get from A to B obviously. For the money you can spend on a new Dacia there are so many better and more interesting options, that I would be exploring...

Please, Skoda Yeti is quality, these are indian built rust buckets - check the duster uk forum, dusters rusting befor they have even left the dealers, people are rejecting them, they fill with water if left in the rain overnight. Poor build, basic spec, and nobody will want one at 3 years old. It happened with Proton - remember their early success, and 5 years later they were dying.

My point exactly. Also quite apt that RUSTED is an anagram of DUSTER....

Skoda is now firmly a mainstream rather than budget brand. In fact they have been taking sales from fringe premium players such as Volvo for some time. Dacia does not occupy the same position in the food chain as Skoda.

I notice you did not deny that Duster is matching Yeti's annual sales.
Given your love for Skoda, I'm sure you will know Yeti's sales figures.
By the way I find your anagram of the Duster quite amusing. lol
I'm prepared to take your word for Skoda "quality" (in comparison with Dacia) but their cars are not value any more. That gong now firmly belongs with Dacia - in UK and Europe!

"Chunky styling really reassured me that I'd be safe in the snowiest weather." - I never knew...

Only because Duster is a novelty car and not in the same class as Skodas - Dacia is a budget bargain basement brand, and looks it. Yeti sales are irrelevant compared to Dusters. Different level of sophistication and build. I bet you in 5 years Dacias bubble will have burst, as all the Proton, Perodua etc brands have. Cars built in India, even those by VW Group for the Indian market only are generally very poorly built, and for new cars like Dusters to already be suffering rust issues at dealers before even being sold, it doesn't bode well. A shame, as I actually do wish them well, but until Renault sort out the customer services issues and build quality problems, they are just a flash in the pan.

Lots of people here praising Skoda, remember how they were viewed not too long ago, they were a joke. In a few years time Dacia could have changed their image, by the way I still would not buy either of them.

I'm an engineer, I don't give a toss about 'image' The reality is that Skodas are well engineered, Dacia (Renault), less so. My comment did however relate to someone's belief that 'styling' has any relation to the ability to drive in snow.

11.500 to precise

Not a bad result at all, they have come from nowhere and have already zoomed past Chevrolet who have ben trying for a few years now to get a foothold in the UK market.

Dacia - Reliability, practical and excellent value for money, looks like they will grow and grow in the future.

Skoda used to be a joke, but they are tops in a lot of customer survey today. Dacia don't start with the same stigma the cars are very good

That's why German customers voted Dacia their second favourite manufacturer in the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction & Reliability Survey above BMW, Mercedes & Audi.

In 2012 before it arrived in the UK.

2012 European sales.
Duster 111,504
Kuga 63,092
Yeti 62,685

You still spouting rubbish Murgatroyd? Still in love with you Fiesta diesel?

Only by kids who are shallow, and have been brought up to be shallow by shallow parents who probably drive Mundane Mondeos and Iffy Insignias etc, as they cannot think for themselves and buy what they are led to believe are good.

Well, styling doesn't help you drive in the snow, however, it does help you to imagine it'll do well in the snow, sort of a placebo effect. On the other hand, if you are an engineer, please be so kind and let me know what makes you believe that Dacia's are not well engineered? Did you actually inspect one? I know Renault has sort of a bad reputation in UK, but while Dacia is owned by Renault, the R&D for the Dacia range is done in Romania. And they are extremely well engineered within the price they are given by Renault. Did you know, for example that the side windows on all of Dacia's range are the same size to cut costs?

Classic british snob. Indeed, for the price of a new Dacia you can get a lot of alternatives on the sh market, but what about the running and maintenance costs? Once you factor those in, the alternatives become radder expensive.

Hmmm...You seem to forget Dacia has been selling cars throughout mainland Europe since 2004 and they are still going strong at it.

Hi Gabriel (retired engineer to be precise) I have not inspected the new Dacia, I am prepared to believe it is a distinct improvement compared to pre-1999 Dacias but I have to say I am not that impressed with current Renaults! Well done for keeping R&D in Romania, the 'same size' side windows leave me speechless!

If Germans and Swiss buy these cars, it must be more to the brand than just pricing (reliability index is rather strong as it is the service and customer service). Skoda is a cheaper VW derivative. Between a Superb and an Audi A6 what would be ones choice?....

My daughter was chauffered to school in a Mercedes, either her or any of her mates couldn't care less about the cars driven by the parents, she is driving now her own Golf VI and she finds the Duster rather cool.

Skoda Superb all the way. I have had 30+ Skodas and only one has ever been troublesome, and that was a pre-VW one.

Skudfan Your facts are so wrong They are not built in India . Such basic facts what a joke . . Have you been to Spain and seen the amount of Dacia ,s from years back still going about their job .of transporting folk at the least cost.

To skudfan sorry correct me if I'm wrong but the duster got into the top 10 of lowest depreciators of cars on sale over 50% retained value so in real terms the largest and lowest depreciation in real terms! My fathers skoda had large areas of the car completely shot with rust it was littered with faults including engine & gearbox woes only had 70,000 miles it got scrapped needless to say!Who is having the last laugh over overpriced Skoda and all other brands! Other brands should reconsider their pricing strategy particularly Kia and Hyundai whose prices are a joke I can see some manufacturers having sleepless nights with the advent of this brand!

I think you will find that skudfan is right, UK rhd Dusters are built in India......
Have you been to the Czech republic and seen the amount of rear engined Skodas still in daily use - htye went out of production 24 years ago!