Dacia sets sales record thanks to Britain's cheapest car

17 Jan, 2014 5:17pm Jonathan Burn

Budget brand Dacia managed 17,146 sales in its first 12 months, a record for a new UK car brand launch

Dacia is celebrating its 1st year of sales in the UK and has been recognised as the most successful UK car brand launch ever - thanks in part to producing Britain's cheapest new car, the Dacia Sandero.

Owned by parent company Renault, the budget brand launched last January with the Dacia Duster 4x4 and Sandero supermini and has since sold more than 17,000 models from across the range – more than established brands such as Chevrolet, Jaguar, Mitsubishi and Lexus managed in the same period.

Dacia Sandero review

Dacia’s ethos is simple - to provide ‘shockingly affordable’ motoring and the results struck a chord with the Great British public. Within eight weeks of the Duster and Sandero arriving in showrooms, Dacia had already notched up over 5,000 orders.

In April and May later that year, Dacia then announced further additions to the range in the shape of the load-lugging Logan MCV (Maximum Capacity Vehicle) and the Sandero Stepway Crossover.

By far the most popular model in the Dacia range was the Duster SUV. Priced from £8,995, a total of 7,830 found homes in 2013 and the Sandero finished in second with 5,025 sales. Click through to the gallery above to see all the models Dacia has offered since its launch.

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Yet I still haven't seen one.

Perhaps you don't get out much

Wonder what will happen saleswise if the face- / buttlifted Duster becomes available in de UK. Much, much more refined than Mark I. With a better, more frugal engine too.

Yet there are hundreds of ownership horror stories emerging. I quite like them though doont get me wrong.

I havent seen one on the road either?! And I cover about 25K miles a year.

There's a kind of charm about Dacia. Call it the charm of back-to-basic motoring or getting the maximum value for your money, these remarkable figures prove beyond any remaining doubt that Dacia's got the sales strategy right.
After all it is not only outselling many an established brands, it has also helped Renault Group post positive annual sales figures. Last but not the least it has forced Volkswagen to rethink its ever rising prices. And that's no mean feat.

A lot of the horror stories relate to the fact that Dacia got caught with it's pants down as to how many orders they were going to take causing delays in delivery but now things have settled down I think these horror stories will disappear.

This is not strictly true as some of the "more refined" Duster features are in the UK model, ask Dacia if you don't believe me.

Saw several on my recent trip to the UK of just 3 weeks in total.

Seen a few Sandero's and quite a few Stepways. IMO the Stepway is the most appealing model.

They have just shoved the prices up - £500 more on a Duster, so base poverty spec is £9495 in white. Spec one with 4wd and a diesel engine and met paint plus necessary safety features they aren't the bargain they seem though.

I was talking to a guy with a new Duster just recently, and he was telling me about how the car is showing signs of rust along the tops of the wings at the bonnet shuts and on the bulkhead. His dealer doesn't want to know and said it's common on all of them, you get what you pay for! If that's their attitude, stick them. I foresee the bubble bursting before long.