SRT Viper revealed

5 Apr, 2012 12:28am Luke Madden

SRT Viper revealed with 8.4-litre V10 and 631bhp

The new Dodge Viper has been revealed at the New York Motor Show, but it's now been branded as an SRT – the initials of Dodge's Street and Racing Technology performance division. 

With a body made of aluminium, carbon fibre and composite plastics, the Viper sounds thoroughly modern and even weighs 45kg less than the old car. The engine remains a massive 8.4-litre V10, but tweaks have lightened it and liberated extra power to take the total to 631bhp. 

That should result in a 0-62mph time of just over three seconds and a theoretical top speed of 206mph. Despite the incredible performance, Dodge believes this will be easier to live with than ever, thanks to standard stability control with four different settings and a launch control system for the first time. 

There will reportedly be two models: a GTS version with luxuries like full leather, electric seats and cruise control while an SRT version will be more extreme and boast a bespoke bonnet design. 

Refinement and quality have both been worked on to ensure the Viper is more comfortable and luxurious, as you'd expect from a supercar that will cost around 100,000 USD in America. 

It's unlikely the Viper will officially arrive in the UK – the only likely option will be to buy a LHD model and import it.

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There has been a lot of hype about the Viper from US publications because its a much loved car but i am kind of left underwhelmed.

In thisage of manufacturers downsizing to achieve more, you have to ask if a big 8.4L V10 is relevant or the right part to take.

The look is classic Viper but this time i got to say, its not as good looking as the original.

What did you expect? A 1.8 liter engine inside a supercar? I would much prefer larger n/a engines. I can't imagine having such an expensive car with an engine as large as the one in Chevrolet Spark. 8.4l V10 is Viper's image. It can and should go only higher.

Its absolutely fabulous..... I think this is better looking than the sls, with better performance!!

I have been quiet since I first saw the new Viper hoping its styling would grow on me but I m sorry to say I am disappointed. The first Viper was truly frightening and so American with its presence. This is a definite let down. Its design has just curved and it seems like it has lost the "monstrous" looks to more refined cues. I m sure it is still a venomous beast on the inside but that is not enough. I was truly expecting a breathtaking evolution of the great first Viper and instead I see a retro-like softening which to me is a crime done to the one of the only two American supercars.