Dodge Dart

29 Jun, 2012 6:00pm Juergen Zoellter

We get behind the wheel of the new Dodge Dart that shows promise of future Fiats


Although the Dodge Dart will never be available in the UK, Fiat will use the same chassis for hatch and estate models to rival the VW Golf and Ford Focus. If those cars handle as well as the Dart does, the new Bravo has a bright future. Let’s just hope the Italians can get close to building a car just as striking as the Dart, too.
The Dodge Dart is the first model to use a new global platform that will underpin a range of future Fiat cars – including the replacement for the Bravo, which is due to go on sale here next year.  

Fiat and Chrysler, Dodge’s owner, have developed the chassis using components from the Alfa Giulietta, but the wheelbase has been stretched by 68mm and the car is 30mm wider. The result is a cabin that’s far more spacious than in the Italian hatch and provides plenty of room for rear passengers. 

Despite the extra length, Dodge claims the car is just as stiff as the Giulietta – and the driving dynamics are certainly sharp. The steering is well weighted and the MacPherson strut front suspension ensures there is plenty of grip. 

Engines come from Fiat, and include the 1.4-litre petrol turbo used in the Abarth Punto Evo, which produces 160bhp. It delivers punchy acceleration if you work it hard and should take the Dart from 0-62mph in around eight seconds. 

Fiat’s know-how also shows inside, with a level of fit and finish that Dodge would never have been capable of before. The US-only Dart won’t make it to the UK, but it shows plenty of promise for Fiat’s upcoming Golf-rivalling hatchback and estate models, due next year.

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This is a bit of a surprise... looks really promosing for the next gen Bravo.....
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The new "Neon"???

The Americans may make good cars but they have absolutely no idea about design or style. This is IMHO one of the ugliest examples of car design I've seen for a while. The interior looks like the design brief was "Make it as cheap and tacky as you can for the money" "Ensure all the dashboard materials look like low grade vinyl that's had Flash Dash sprayed on it".
Let the Italians design the car and the germans produce the interior and Dodge et al might come up with something half decent.

having Alfa's /Fiat's genes will surely be a plus when it comes to handling and performance especially with this 1.4 lt turbo engine.
If only they would improve the rear of the car and especially the rear lights which still resemble american design of the past decades. I'm sure the european edition by Fiat will be improved in that area.
The front resembles Scirocco, nothing wrong with that, and the interior is quite nice.
If the price is what is estimated then it will be up for serious consideration.

I have to say I quite like the way it looks. The Fiat Multiair engines always look good on paper (at least) too. Should make a good combination at the right price.

Since when was FIAT fit and finish anything to be proud of? It might be less awful than american standards but it is hardly class leading!

Key specs

  • Price: £13,000 (est)
  • Engine: 1.4-litre 4cyl turbo, 160bhp
  • Transmission: Six-speed manual, front-wheel drive
  • 0-62mph: 8.0 secs
  • Top speed: 130mph (est)
  • Economy/CO2: 47mpg/142g/km (est)
  • Equipment: Air-con, 10 airbags, electric windows, steering wheel-mounted controls
  • On sale: Now