Ferrari F620 GT leaked

Ferrari F620 GT leaked
27 Feb, 2012 5:53pm Luke Madden

First picture of the 710bhp Ferrari F620 GT reveals FF-inspired look

This is the first image of the Ferrari 599 successor, thought to be called the F620 GT. 

This clay model previews the design of the new two-seater, including the FF-inspired front end and scalloped flanks. 

Engine details are purely speculation for the moment, but it will almost certainly be fitted with the direct-injected 6.3-litre V12 used in Ferrari’s four-seater, four-wheel drive FF. 

That means the F620 will produce around 710bhp – nearly 100bhp more than the 612bhp 599 – but is also expected to be lighter than the model it replaces, thanks to lightweight materials and new construction techniques. 

Performance will be benchmark-setting for the class, including a 0-62mph sprint time of three seconds dead and 0-124mph in around eight seconds. 

Official details and further pictures will be released when the F620 is unveiled on 29 February. It will go on sale later this year with a price tag of around £220,000.