New Ford Escort could come to Europe

Ford Escort Concept revealed
24 Apr, 2013 10:16am Graham Hope

The new Ford Escort saloon, set for China, could be sold in Europe, too

The new Ford Escort, unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show, could come to Europe.

The mid-size saloon concept caused a sensation in China when it was revealed that it would wear the famous badge.

And although a production version of the car would be aimed firmly at the Chinese market, there is potential for it to be sold elsewhere.

A senior Ford insider told Auto Express: "There's certainly been internal discussions about it [bringing it to Europe].

"I for one would love to see it over here [in Europe]. There is definitely a place in the market for a lower-cost car to sit under the Focus.

"The key would be doing it without being seen to make the Ford brand any less desirable."

And new Ford UK chairman and MD Mark Ovenden confirmed that the new model wasn't intended as a China-only car when he spoke to Auto Express at a ceremony to mark the retiral of outgoing chairman Joe Greenwell.

"It's a car initially for China," he said. "But it could work in other places."

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However, UK fans of the legendary name are set to be disappointed. When asked where else the Escort could be sold, Ovenden said simply: "Not Britain!"

Britain's traditional resistance to three-box saloons, and the negative publicity which surrounded later versions of the Escort, would make it a hard sell here.

Markets where saloons are more popular, such as in Eastern Europe and possibly even Portugal and Ireland, might be more feasible.

Ovenden explained the cultural reasons that caused the company to consider a new C-segment car for China, where the Focus is already a massive seller.

"People there do not drive the same car as their boss, and many bosses drive Focuses. So there is an opportunity to sell another car underneath it."

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My dad didn't have an Escort. There, I said it.

The Escort won't be coming to the UK, but if you called it an Orion...

Can Aussie & Kiwis can get that car as well they loved The Ford Escorts although when UK continued with the Ford phoney Laser based on Mazda 323

I can not look at the ugly front of the car

front of the car is awful

I do not buy until you change ford style

Euro Ford Escorts of the 80's/90's were rubbish - fact. They were bad to drive, poorly built and unreliable. They were also outclassed by pretty much every rival (including GM's Astra). That is why Ford had to go back to the drawing board and create a competitive product, hence the Focus. The 323 based Laser of that era was a much better car than the euro Escort, which in my opinion is best forgotten!

Liked the mk4/5a and mk6 (there was no mk7) But saying no one in the uk liked the saloon version, wasn't the mk1 and mk2 SALOONS!! And they sold like hot cakes. Bring it to the UK and price it accordingly, make a cossie version too and your on a winner. Miss my MK6 Si. But for the love of god galvanize the damn thing as we don't want to be welding the wheel arches 10 years down the line, or the sills for that matter.

But the Orion was ment to be seen as an upmarket version of the escort, and liked my one untill the engine ate the radiator (engine roll mount failed, and took the engine with it 70mph on the m23)

The laser wasn't an escort, and I personaly think the mk4 was better than the 323 of the same vintage.

Why don't UK buyers like saloons? In a cold climate, when you open a rear hatch, the heat escapes and cold air comes flooding in. So a saloon would be a sensible choice. At the same time, people in hot countries love saloons and hate hatchbacks...