Ford Focus Edge ECOnetic 88g/km estate review

21 Oct, 2013 7:00am Steve Fowler

This new Ford Focus Estate is one of the greenest estate cars out there, and it drives well too


This new Ford Focus Estate is a great buy - it’s always good advice to futureproof yourself against fuel and tax rises by buying the greenest, most economical car you can. however it’s not the best-equipped or most spacious estate out there, and for only £500 more you can buy a more desirable, better-specced Zetec model that’s almost as eco-friendly.

The Ford Focus Estate ECOnetic 88g/km model might not be the greenest, most fuel-efficient estate car out there – the 85g/km hybrid Toyota Auris Touring Sports takes those honours – but it comes mighty close, while it’s the best eco estate to drive by a long way. When it comes to low CO2 stats, it proves there’s life in diesel power yet. 

Ford Focus Estate review

Ford has thrown every fuel saving trick in the book at the Focus to come up with this model. It gets active aerodynamics, stop/start, low rolling resistance tyres, low friction oil and a shift indicator to aid the driver. The result is a claimed 83.1mpg average – way beyond the expectation of diesel drivers just a few years ago.

Best of all, the driving experience isn’t compromised – this is a Ford Focus after all. A 0-62mph time of 11.8 seconds doesn’t shout ‘eco special’, nor does the usual Focus comfort and refinement on the road – once the engine is warmed up, it’s impressively quiet. And if anything, the ride quality is better than on some other models, thanks to restrained 16” steel wheels covered by what look like bin lids for added aerodynamic efficiency.

Not that the Focus is a beauty to behold in the first place, but those wheel trims do it no favours at all and frankly look cheap on a car that lists at over £19,000 without options. Having said that, the Focus does undercut its rivals, like the Volkswagen Golf, on price.

It’s not the biggest on rear space, though, with 476 litres of space with the rear seats up – less than a VW Golf, Toyota Auris or Vauxhall Astra. Go through the faff of folding the rear seats and space at 1502 is more competitive with the Focus’s rivals. It’s an easy-to-use space, though, with a low loading lip and usefully square shape.

Further forward, there’s more room for passengers in the back of the estate than in the hatch, while the driving position is comfortable and multi-adjustable.

However, this 88g/km model is only available in low-spec Edge trim, so if you’re in the back you’ll have to wind the windows up, while this is a rare Ford without a DAB radio.

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Great looking stats, but how will the diesel survive for long term private owners? Seen too many focus TDCi's that gave great drive early on, only to fail at 60K ish miles with expensive repair bills.

I've got the standard 1.6 tdci estate claimed to achieve 67mpg average although I'm getting 55-60 mpg from day to day driving. I'm guessing this econetic will be closer to 65-70mpg but there's no way that's worth limiting yourself to this model with it's lack of equipment, you can't have the quickclear screen you get in the zetec for a start

Just under 20grand and no dab and not much kit... Not worth it...

I've heard the failed turbos are a common fault on these...shame as its a nice car...

Brilliant claimed figures BUT in reality I wonder !

The Focus is by far my favourite car in its class. It´s style is attractive, drives like a dream, is well build and has superb engines.

would have been nice to see a static photo of those bin-lid wheels, since you slated them so much.
real world mpg anyone?

It would be even better if the roof rails were horizontal and didn't follow the slope of the roof. It would make carrying a load on the roof that much easier.

I can understand slopey roof for aerodynamics, but the roof rails don't have to follow the same shape!

Very true, but that is the same for most estates these days. :-(

What a ridiculous price-tag!!!

Stop quoting the unobtainable manufactures mpg figures and start quoting the real figures that you obtained, or is that too embarrasing

The claimed mpg is purely a pipe dream. This car will return 55-60mpg tops and you have to question whether the list price justifies this given the average spec and drab looks

Probably because the quickclear screen looses you 5mpg!

The 1.6tdci focus has long suffered with turbo failures - avoid like the plague

Key specs

  • Price: £19,245
  • Engine: 1.6 4cyl, 104bhp
  • Transmission: Six-speed manual, front-wheel drive
  • 0-62mph/top speed: 11.8 seconds/116mph
  • Economy/CO2: 83.1mpg/88g/km
  • Equipment: Air-con, remote locking, USB input, steering wheel audio controls
  • On sale: Now

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