Ford Mondeo facelift

24 Jun, 2010 5:17pm

Updated Mondeo gets EcoBoost engines and a few minor cosmetic tweaks

Here are the pictures that prove Ford’s Mondeo is going under the knife!
Following on from the facelifted S-MAX MPV, the blue oval is readying a revised version of its popular family car. And our team of eagle-eyed spies caught a prototype virtually undisguised during testing.

As with the S-MAX, the new Mondeo benefits from a subtle rework on the outside. That means modified front and rear bumpers, plus LED daytime running lights for top-spec Titanium and Titanium X models. 

The most significant changes come under the bonnet, with the introduction of the firm’s EcoBoost direct-injection turbo petrol engines. There will be a choice of 160bhp 1.6-litre or 200bhp 2.0 versions – both 20 per cent more efficient than the units they replace.

The new Mondeo is expected to make its debut at October’s Paris Motor Show, before being launched towards the end of the year. Prices are set to start from around £16,000.

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I'm a Ford convert but this story is really not worth a mention. Unless it's the top end models woth DLR's then 99% of the public will not realise it's a facelift as the updates are woefully subtle!

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Nice looking car. Just need to remove the blue oval badge from the front of the car.

This is awful, much like the entire Ford range, surely a sales success in the UK then...

When this body shape first hit the news Ford had Lambo-style tilting doors, loads of style, this, that and the other. All very exciting. What came out of the factory was, erm, another Mondeo. Now we get a news release saying it has "a new shaped back bumper!" Oh Ford, why do you promise so much and deliver so little.

...for what little facelift there is, seems virtually imperceptible and is therefore a non-story.

But then I started to think about it. Are we being too harsh on Ford and various other "Average Joe" car manufacturers? At least Ford's cars have changed over the longer term. Take BMW and Mercedes for example - someone waking up from a coma which they went into in 1980 would have little difficulty picking out the present day versions even if the badges were missing. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they are sleeker and edgier yada, yada, yada, but they still have that same "look".

You can't say the same about Ford... or Renault, or Toyota, or a host of others, which have been the subject of revolution rather than evolution.

"BMW", "Mercedes", and "old rope" seem suitable bedfellows in this instance.

VW have been doing "woefully subtle" changes to their cars for years this can only enhance their resale values.
I've got one of these facelifts and a pre facelift model, there's quite a few changes including a EURO 5 engine on the diesel

and buy the cheaper and much better looking Kia Optima....

and buy the cheaper and much better looking Kia Optima....

and one of the best cars on the road!
Nothing at all wrong with the cars Ford build, maybe because Ford for so long has been the dominant Force in Britain and needs a bit of a image change to freshen it up.. I would love to see the Mondeo with a big oval exhaust smack in the middle, it would just balance the back beautiful and look right!

Uglier than a Prius.

Uncohesive design

Have never liked the Mk 3. The Mk 1 to me was a classic, the Mk 2 boring and the Mk3 ugly.

SO MANY folks here give the impression they know absolutely nothing about cars and know about brand image - Shame, its a pretty decent motor
(My BMW diesel broke down more often than it was filled with diesel :(
My Focus is brilliant compared with it and the choice of real coffee and a dealer principle who threatened me or the boring old blue badge?I know what I'll have!

@ Teifion2 - My brother in law has spent nearly 3000 the year fixing multiple problems on his 65k mile mondeo and he is driving a hire car for almost 2 weeks now because the mondeo is off the road again. The dealership has told him to basically get lost and refuse the even take the car back as a trade in.

So what's your point?

I've been using mk4 Mondeo diesel estates in my fleet since they came out in 2008 , there isn't a car out there that can compare with their initial cost , reliability , size, economy and practicality.
The Mondeos will do lots of miles without fuss , whereas "prestige" marques are all right if you want to play about and drive up the golf club to show off

Why is it that british people ( mondeo/focus/fiesta) drivers can't be a bit more spontaneous and choose something else other than a very dull/boring ford. Choosing a mondeo is a narrow minded choice.

Sorry am I missing a few pictures or what?? it is a Mondeo with tape on it, infact silver tape on it! what's the big deal??

To buy a Skoda Superb

"Umm.... It's a Mondeo" reply Ford

People moan that saloons in this class are dull, guess what, the people who buy them are a bit dull too!

They buy them for practical, sensible, rational reasons.

Nobody ever saw a Passat / Avensis/ Mondeo and almost crashed into a lamp post because they were looking so hard!!!!

Love your idea for the center exit exhaust....

I would suggest Ford elected not to fit it because:
the spare wheel well is there?
some people may want to fit a towbar?
it would cost more?
it would weigh more?
they are not 11?
its a mondeo?.... etc

Just compared this to the pics on Ford's site with the present Mondeo and , erm, it looks much the same really..

Obviously just a cheapo slight tweak before the new one comes in...
This means, that it is probably not worth buying, as the values of this warmed over 'makeover' edition will fall like a stone when the new Mondeo comes in soon.

Silver taped 'disguises' laughable... it appears that Ford just want to get some free PR coverage for their 'revised' car.

Who are they kidding?

The caption on the pictures reads :-
Photos: Automedia
24th June 2010
How exactly does it now qualify as newsworthy ?