Ford Mondeo concept previews new lightweight models

Ford Mondeo lightweight concept
4 Jun, 2014 10:28am Luke Madden

A new Ford Mondeo concept car has been revealed, showing off Ford's weight-saving plans

Ford has given us a glimpse in to its lightweight future, with a concept of the next-generation Ford Mondeo that weighs just 1,195kg – that’s about the same as a diesel-powered Fiesta.

Ford has managed to shed 363kg of weight from a standard next-gen Mondeo by fitting things like carbon fibre wheels, high-strength steels and aluminium in the chassis and composite springs for the front suspension.

Underneath the bonnet is the 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost engine – most likely the 123bhp version – that is earmarked for use in the standard Mondeo and can be currently found in smaller models like the Fiesta and Focus.

Ford hasn’t revealed any performance figures for the concept but given it weighs about as much as a Fiesta, it should be capable of around 60mpg, with 0-62mph in about 10 seconds.

“Our goal was to investigate how to design and build a mixed-materials, lightweight vehicle that could potentially be produced in high volume, while providing the same level of safety, durability and toughness as our vehicles on the road today,” said Matt Zaluzec, Ford technical leader, Global Materials and Manufacturing Research.

Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development said: “A focus on light-weighting will be fundamental to our industry for years to come, and we are investigating many advanced materials applications as possible solutions for weight reduction in our vehicles.”

Auto Express has already been told that the next-generation Focus will have to be 200kg lighter than the current car if it’s to pass stringent emissions regulations.

Ford’s powertrain director, Andrew Fraser said: “The sole way to do it is with an all-alloy construction. At the moment, only some suspension parts are made from alloy – the rest is steel. It would let us have smaller engines, fuel tanks and cooling systems.”

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This car is going to be OLD before it even gets here, I really cant understand why it has taken so long to get the new Mondeo to Market in Europe, someone surely is at fault.

No one buys Fords anymore

What an inane comment. One of the worlds largest producers of vehicles and the Focus is the worlds best selling car. What are you suggesting they give them all way!!!! Why do people think it is so smart to post idiotic comments on a discussion board.

The truth hurts doesn't it? lol

But it is not the truith LOL...

I've got to admit, new Mondeos on the road are a bit like unicorn s hit these days.