Honda Micro Commuter prototype revealed

12 Nov, 2012 5:22pm Mat Watson

New all-electric Honda Micro Commuter is set to rival the Renault Twizy

Honda has revealed a new all-electric prototype model called the Micro Commuter.

It follows on from the Micro Commuter Concept that debuted at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show and provides seating for two children behind an adult driver. The seats can be shifted to accommodate one adult passenger in the rear, too.

The Micro Commuter weighs 400kg and uses lithium-ion batteries and a 20bhp electric motor. Honda says range stands at about 37 miles and the top speed is 50mph.

From behind the wheel it feels a lot like a Renault Twizy, and there’s no assistance in the steering or brakes. There aren’t any windows, either, but some will be available as an option.

Rather than normal dials driving information is displayed on a Samsung Galaxy tablet which is charged via solar panels on the car’s roof. It also double as a rear view mirror, displaying images from a camera mounted at the back.

Alongside the Micro Commuter Prototype Honda also revealed a system that can talk to traffic lights to tell the driver when they will change. Auto-braking technology that can brake a car to a halt from 40mph was also on display.

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37 miles?!?! Epic fail before it arrives on any street

absolute lovely car ..but 37 mile range
wont get to the pub and back !!!!!

This is a poor imitation of the T27 by Gordon Murray. Each design by manufacturers are getting closder to a copy of the T27
See: - http://www.gordonmurraydesign....

Explore Gordon Murray's site and be amazed, remember, the T25 & T27 both have windows unlike...