Honda Urban SUV at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013

23 Oct, 2013 10:43am Graham Hope

Honda has announced its new small Urban SUV Concept will be showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show

Honda has announced it will be showcasing its new small Urban SUV concept at the Tokyo Motor Show next month, which will rival the Nissan Juke. We first heard about Honda's plans to join the small SUV party in January when the concept car was first unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show.

The Urban SUV concept will be underpinned by the same platform as the next-generation Honda Jazz and provide the Japanese manufacturer with a suitable rival for the Peugeot 2008, Ford EcoSport and Renault Captur when it goes on sale in Europe in 2015.

The concept provides strong styling cues to the new model with an appealing blend of curves, a low roofline and a squat stance. “Dynamic and sporty, but spacious and functional” was how Honda described it. Like its biggest rival, the Nissan Juke, the Urban SUV concept has hidden rear door handles, which help give the model a coupe-like appearance.

It measures in at 4300mm long – 228mm shorter than the CR-V – and will slot in beneath the big-seller in the company’s line-up.

Vice president of marketing for Honda US Mike Accavitti told Auto Express: “This is a very fair representation of the production vehicle. Honda has a history of doing concepts that are very close.”

And he denied that the company is late to the market with the Urban SUV, which will wear a new badge when it makes production.

“I don’t think we are late at all. The CR-V is such a strong product and when we first launched, it was considered compact. Now this will slide in below it.”

As the Urban SUV is based on the same platform as the Jazz, it's also likely to use the same engine line-up and feature Honda’s fuel-efficient Earth Dreams units, including the Civic’s 1.6-litre diesel. That will mean emissions well under 100g/km.

Inside, the Urban SUV is likely to use the same Magic Seats as found in the Jazz supermini, meaning a variety of different seating positions will be possible.

The production car will go on sale in Japan first in 2013, followed by North American in 2014 and then Europe.

The US model will be built at Honda’s newest North American plant near Celaya in Mexico.

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No wonder Honda are laying off hundreds of workers.
Yet another probably, utterly reliable, dull vehicle.
Made for Mr & Mrs Dull.
From Dullston...

I do so want to buy another Honda, had a CRV but now they're just too expensive for me and the other cars? Jazz - boring, not great to drive, civic? style over substance and had great hopes when I saw the headline. shame :(

You're not wrong but there are certain other manufacturers which produce even duller stuff with evident success. Moral, make certain you dull things down enough for Mr. Dull.

More than a hint of Maserati Kubang concept from the back, and Citroen DS4 in the C-pillar...

Useful magic seats aside, there seems to be little or no reason to buy a Honda anymore.

Styling is dull to drear across the range, with nothing exciting on the horizon. Even promised performance cars look heavy and overblown.

The Asian style leader now is Kia, which at least dares to be different, with strong design leadership from Peter Shreyer.

Errr, "styling is dull to drear across the range" - have you seen a Honda Civic? or a CRZ? They are anything but dull! Honda almost seem to overstyle their cars. They may not be to everyones taste but they are certainly different. Look up the dictionary definition of dull - and it will read 'see VAG Group'! As for reasons to buy one how about build quality, dealer service, performance, reliability and engineering integrity especially long term. These are qualities which many rivals still seem to be playing catch up on....

We're all different with styling preferences, and for me, Honda lost its mojo some years ago.

These days Hondas (Jazz an exception) seem heavily styled, too similar to other Asian brands.

I like clean, minimal design, hence I prefer VAG for that reason - but who knows, they're only cars and in 10 years time, things may have reversed again!

If Honda doesn't do this right, I am officially done with them and getting a Hyundai next