Honda reveals Concept B coupe in Beijing

20 Apr, 2014 9:30am Jordan Bishop

Honda unveils Concept B coupe at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show

This is the latest Honda Concept B, unveiled at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show.

Details on the car are sketchy but we understand that it previews a new 5-door model destined for the Chinese market.

It doesn't take too much imagination to see the coupe's sleek lines influencing a future replacement for Honda's CR-Z. Not that UK fans of the bold design should get their hopes up, as it’s a joint project with two Chinese partners – Guanggi Honda Automobile and Dongfeng Honda Automobile – and the production model will only be available in China.

The car's aerodynamic profile, sculpted flanks and wide hips give it a pronounced sporty feel. Other distinctive features include the massive five-spoke alloys, heavily-vented front bumper, and a slatted grille that appears to flow into the headlights. 

Also on display at the Honda stand are Dongfeng Honda-developed concept for an all-new Spirior – the Chinese version of the Accord – and an as yet unnamed mid-size SUV from Guanggi Honda. The third-gen Honda Jazz is also set to make its Chinese debut, too, however it'll wear the Fit nameplate used for versions sold in some overseas countries.

Also on display will be the NSX concept, Honda’s prototype for a next-generation super sports car, that’ll be sold in China under the brand’s luxury Acura badge.