Honda Civic 2014 review

18 Apr, 2014 9:00am Jonathan Burn

Upgraded Honda Civic 2014 is now easier to drive and more comfortable


Although changes to the Honda Civic are limited, they create a more dynamically capable and rounded car. It’s more comfortable and easier to drive than the model it replaces and the minor visual tweaks improve the looks. This is the best engine, but overall, more significant upgrades were needed to make the Civic a bigger threat to the VW Golf and Ford Focus.

In a bid to remain competitive in the crowded hatchback market, Honda has revised the British-built Honda Civic for 2014. Rather than a complete styling overhaul, it’s focused on mechanical changes as well as several cosmetic tweaks to sculpt a more rounded and refined model.

There’s a new piano black finish on the lower section of the bumpers, plus new 17-inch aluminium alloy wheels. Under the skin, Honda has fitted retuned front and rear dampers, which are better equipped to deal with sudden changes in road surfaces.

The electric power-steering has also been uprated, making the Civic feel more sure-footed at higher speeds, although it still isn’t as communicative as the steering in the Ford Focus. Elsewhere, Honda has tried to add a sportier dimension to the Civic, with new white stitching on the steering wheel, seats and knee pads. The wraparound dash and digital readout remain as stylish as ever, but the unsightly aftermarket- style infotainment system stays put.

Honda Civic 2014 rear tracking

Headroom is still an issue, with the gradually sloping roofline restricting things for those seated in the back.

The cramped cabin is remedied by the 401-litre boot and 76-litre underfloor storage – this is up on the 380 litres of the Volkswagen Golf, and the Focus’ 318-litre offering. The boot is by far the largest in its class, but as a consequence, passenger space is limited, especially for those in the back. The cramped middle seat also makes carrying three adults tricky.

A new Driver Assistance Safety Pack is fitted as standard on SR models. Stop-start, DAB radio, 17-inch alloy wheels and sat-nav are also included.

Engineers have wisely left the 118bhp 1.6-litre diesel as it was and it’s still the pick of the engine range. Punchy as well as efficient, it’ll return a claimed 78.5mpg with emissions of 94g/km, making it an ideal choice for company car buyers and those with an eye on running costs.

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Nothing new or amazing changes then, what a waste of my reading time........

The 2.2d I drove 18 months ago was a truly hateful machine. It didn't deserve 1 star so if this review is accurate, and it genuinely has earned 4 stars then it must have changed beyond recognition!

Strange. I experienced a 2.2 diesel Civic (previous generation) for a few days when I had one on loan to me and I have to say I found it to be impressive and quite entertaining. A smooth and powerful engine mated to a excellent gearshift. And this is coming from someone who doesn't like diesels normally....

He's just a VW or Seat dealer. I wouldn't take it seriously folks...

Because of the weight at the front combined with the primitive suspension setup, the thing just didn't want to change direction in a hurry. I also hated it. Fortunately you can't get the 2.2 engine in the civic anymore. Do try the new 1.6 as it has transformed the handling and has free road tax.

Wow, the pensioners of bournemouth will be pleased!

LOL... crabby collin/Jock.... its a real sign of madness when you start replying and talking to yourself on forums - the comment from 'Jock' is a dead giveaway its the same person!!

Let's face it - it's a modern Civic. Overpriced, low-tech tat even when compared to civics from a few generations ago. 24 grand for this is a joke too far for my liking! The JPY has got weaker over the last few years so prices should actually be going down!

But this is even more expensive than their de facto VW Golfs.

WTF Honda, £24K+ ?? This is a Focus class car. I doubt it will get anywhere near top 10 sales.

Key specs

  • Price: £24,360
  • Engine: 1.6-ltr 4cyl turbodiesel
  • Power: 118bhp
  • Transmission: Six-speed manual, front wheel drive
  • 0-62mph: 10.5 seconds
  • Top speed: 129mph
  • Economy/CO2: 78.5mpg/94g/km
  • On sale: Now