Infiniti announces new naming strategy

18 Dec, 2012 10:10am Luke Madden

Infiniti has revealed that all future models will be badged as either Q or QX

Infiniti has announced a new naming strategy for its whole range of cars, with all new models now being badged as Q or QX models.

First to wear the new badge will be the all-new G saloon, which will become the Q50 when it’s unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show. From model year 2014 onwards the G Coupe and Convertible models will be known as the Q60 and the M saloon will be called the Q70.

Meanwhile all of Infiniti’s SUV models will wear the QX prefix, starting with the QX50, which is currently known as the EX. The FX will become the QX70, and two American-market models – the JX and QX – will switch to the QX60 and QX80 badges respectively.

Previously the numbers in the model names related to the engine size, so the FX37 was powered by a 3.7-litre V6 and the FX50 had a 5.0-litre V8. The new naming strategy essentially hides the size of the engine, which will help with Infiniti’s plans to downsize to small four-cylinder turbo engines. Typically, markets like America demand at least a V6 engine.

Johan de Nysschen, President of Infiniti Motor Company Limited, said: “After exhaustive research and evaluation, we concluded that ‘Q’ captured the inspiration within the next generation of Infiniti models, as well as emphasising our performance credentials while harking back to our heritage with the Q45 – Infiniti’s first iconic flagship product in 1989.”