Infiniti to build premium hatch in the UK

Infiniti to be built in Sunderland
19 Dec, 2012 1:00am

Infiniti has announced that it will begin building its premium hatchback at Nissan's Sunderland plant in the UK from 2015

Infiniti will start producing its 1 Series-rivalling model at Nissan’s Sunderland plant from 2015. This announcement means that Nissan’s new Golf rival – which is slated for production in 2014 - will no longer be built at the plant.

Nevertheless, the move will mean the creastion of around 1,000 UK jobs – 280 at the factory and the rest in the supply chain – and represents a £250 million investment in the factory.

The new premium hatchback will be based on the same MFA platform as the new Mercedes A-Class and is expected to borrow engines from that car, too. It’ll take its styling cues from the 2011 Etherea concept and will be aiming to capture a slice of the popular premium hatch segment currently dominated by the BMW 1 Series, Audi A3 and Lexus CT200h.

The news follows Nissan's announcement that its Sunderland plant will have produced around 510,000 cars this year. That’s an industry record, with production covering the Qashqai, Juke, Qashqai+2 and Note.

The Nissan Leaf and next-generation Qashqai are also expected to be built in Sunderland.

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Good news for UK
That's good news for UK manufacturing. It has done spectacularly well in the last few years. While most car makers are cutting production and even shutting plants, the car makers in the UK are building ever more cars. Nissan, Honda, Toyota, are doing extremely well.
I so look forward to Kia/Hyundai opening a plant in the UK. That would be good for the UK car manufacturing as well as for this car maker in terms of design and innovation. It could also help them abridge the brand image gap with more mainstream manufacturers.

This could be interesting, but dissapointed to read its based on the new A Class, so I expect it won't be that great dynamically. And why do Nissan need to use Mercedes engines when they make great engines themselves?

Completly agree. Great news. Long way to go for most of UK industry though. Merry Christmas.

Could it be that the Northumbria, Newcastle and Durham Police Authorities finally drop their love affairs with BMW and Volvo, maybe even sacrifice a few perks from them under the table as well? and try and support the companies that pays their salaries through UK taxation and jobs?

Most Police Authorities in Britain seem to have aversions to using and buying cars built in the UK!

This must be the reason why the UK police authority purchase inquiries and specifications are often rigged so that only foreign cars fit their special requirements?

It cannot be on either reliability or price as most UK produced cars are more that suitable and are used as such in other countries!

Maybe its time to scrutiny this cosy closed shop and find out why and how the system works and who is getting financial back handers through to favours to their relatives etc?


Agree. It would make sense for more British built vehicles to be used by forces not just in the areas where factories are located but right up and down the UK for that matter. Where I'm based, it is the usual cars of choice - BMW 3/5 series and Ford Focus...

If this car is anything like the rest of the rubbish they produce, it's going no where fast.

Funny how its only the Japanese and Germans that have faith in the English worker.