Hot Infinitis to target AMG models

18 Feb, 2013 12:02pm

A new line-up of fast Infinitis will rival quick Mercedes, Audi and BMW cars

Infiniti has announced it hopes to use its tie-up with the Red Bull F1 team to develop performance models to rival BMW’s M division, Audi's RS and Mercedes’ AMG cars.

Global director of Infiniti’s tie-up with the Red Bull team, Andreas Sigl, told us: “We want to use the drivers to improve performance – and to look at Red Bull’s lightweight materials and aerodynamics [to help] push in the direction of AMG, Quattro and M division.”

Sebastian Vettel has driven the Q50, which will debut in European spec at Geneva, and the Red Bull team uses Infinitis as its company cars. “Sebastian drives an FX, Mark [Webber] drives an M27, so they give us feedback, but what we really want is for them to help shape our future,” said Sigl.