Jaguar: BMW 3 Series rival still on track

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30 Oct, 2012 12:34pm Luke Madden

Jaguar has confirmed that development of its 3 Series rival is still on track

Jaguar has confirmed that development is still on track for its long-awaited rival to the BMW 3 Series, and that it is also working on a nine-speed automatic gearbox.

A Jaguar source told Auto Express: “Look at the 2.2-litre diesel and look at engines like the new 2.0-litre turbo [petrol] and you can see we've got the powertrain platform already for a smaller car.”

The newcomer - which would sit below the XF in the line-up - will be front engined and be offered with a choice of rear and four-wheel drive, just like the recently launched XF and XJ AWD models.

In addition to saloon and Sportbrake estate bodystyles, this model could also spawn a road-based SUV to further boost sales.

Jaguar bosses have also confirmed development of a nine-speed automatic gearbox, but that it won't make it to any models until around 2014. The brand also suggested that it would not consider adding any more ratios once the nine-speed 'box is released.

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Well I hope it doesn't take that long. 12 years ago it the small Jaguar X-tpye was release in 2000. The sale didn't approved that much. Well let hope this new small Jaguar can.

Is there a fundamental reason for 9 gears? I thought 8 was enough. You might as well go cvt

9 Speed automatic slush box.......... Come on! WHY?
If you're too lazy to shift your Jag, or if you are a female and "those things scare me", maybe you should buy a Chevrolet.
I won't buy anything without a MANUAL TRANSMISSION! At least the old X-Type was offered in a manual transmission for men.

Cannot really understand what is meant by Jaguar 3 Series rival still on track?

If it was Mercedes or VW I bet the heading would be different! Its a funny attitude for a motoring mag!