All future Jaguars to get four-wheel drive

Jaguar XJ AWD
5 Dec, 2012 11:06am Steve Fowler

New BMW 3 Series-sized Jaguar could be its first to offer AWD in the UK

Every new Jaguar will be engineered for four-wheel drive in all markets, according to Jaguar’s global brand director Adrian Hallmark. That means four-wheel-drive Jaguars in the UK, unlike the new XJ and XF AWD models.

Speaking to Auto Express at the launch of the new Jaguar AWD models in Canada, Hallmark said: “It doesn’t make economic sense to make all-wheel-drive versions of the XJ and XF in right-hand drive, but every future Jag will be engineered from the start for four-wheel drive.”

The first model to feature AWD across the range could be the much anticipated new small Jag, which is set to rival the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series. Although sales of small executive saloons are dropping in Europe, they’re still strong and growing in other markets across the world.

And according to Jaguar insiders, the small Jaguar saloon has leapfrogged the planned Jaguar SUV in the product plan, too, even though the SUV has already been shown to potential customers.

Beverly Hills Jaguar dealer Martin Dodsworth told us that his preference would be a small saloon: “It would go down a storm over here – it would be a great thing to have in the showroom.” That view is echoed in China, where Jaguar Land Rover is still opening dealers at a rate of close to one a week.

The new small Jaguar saloon is unlikely to be seen much before 2015, about the same time as a new XF is due.