JLR creates 700 new jobs

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4 Mar, 2013 9:10pm Graham Hope

Jaguar Land Rover has announced the creation of 700 jobs at its engine plant in Wolverhampton

Jaguar Land Rover is to create an additional 700 jobs at its engine manufacturing plant near Wolverhampton.

CEO Ralf Speth confirmed the news at a press conference prior to the Geneva Motor Show and said the news showed “the company’s commitment to British jobs”.

The new factory is expected to start production in 2014 and was originally earmarked to employ 700 people.

The move sees JLR’s investment in the plant increase from around £355millon to £500million, and comes on the back of a record sales year for the buoyant British brands.

Sales were up 30 per cent year on year in 2012 as the company enjoyed its best ever global performance.

Star performer was the Range Rover Evoque, of which 108,607 found homes in 2012. Total JLR worldwide sales were around 350,000.

Around 80 per cent of the JLR vehicles made in the UK were exported, with China the biggest market. Sales there were up 71 per cent compared to 2011.

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Well done to JLR for being one of the few firms creating jobs, the midlands really needs the investment.

Well done JLR! Doing a great job and that internationally!

You are back in the track of great people like William Morris, Herbert Austin and William Lyons who virtually created our I repeat our pacemaking and innovative British motor industry!

This was unfortunately before the socialists like Wilson & Co and other meddling politicians in Whitehall and their unions in Birmingham and Dagenham plus then later the Longbridge 4 criminals destroyed or nearly destroyed it completely!

Thank good others from outside the UK with great foresight could and did have the prudence to save something out of the ashes left by these criminals!

Unfortunately our local governments - Ministry of Defence, police and NHS still buy foreign vehicles for their requirements with rigged purchase requirements instead of buying vehicles built in Britain! They blame it on EU regulations but it is rigged purchase specifications that cause this! Its called corruption in some countries!

Funnily enough in Germany only German vehicles are purchased whatever the government requirements - EU regs or no EU regs!

Wake up Britain - its your country - stand up for it!

How right you are. My thoughts as well.