Jaguar names new four cylinder engines

Jaguar engine
4 Mar, 2014 1:30pm Chris Ebbs

Wolverhampton-built engine will make its debut in new small saloon next year

Jaguar Land Rover has announced that the four-cylinder engines built in its new Wolverhampton plant will be named Ingenium.

And the new engine range will make its first appearance in the manufacturer’s new small saloon. Full Production of the engines will begin at the start of next year, though pre-production test versions will be ready soon, according to Ralf Speth.

Jaguar reveals name of new small saloon

Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, Speth also confirmed that the new line-up of engines will see models capable of emitting less than 100g/km with other able to reach top speeds of over 186mph.

“The engine plant will produce a family of premium lightweight, low friction, highly efficient engines,” Speth told us.

“Not only is it exceptionally advanced, but it is also highly flexible, scalable. It is usable for transverse and in-line installations. And for powering front, rear- and all-wheel drive Jaguars and Land Rovers,” he added.

Following on from the small saloon, the engine is likely to find its way in to smaller Land Rover models. “They’ll be 2.0-litre, small displacement engines, so will go in the smaller Land Rover products like the Freelander and Evoque,” said Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover group sales operation director.