Six reborn Lightweight Jaguar E-Type cars planned

Jaguar E-Type Lightweight classic pic 1
14 May, 2014 12:01am Oliver Kew

Look out, Eagle: Jaguar is getting in on the modern E-Type act with six new race-spec classics

Six new Lightweight Jaguar E-Type cars are to be built to the original 1960’s specification, the company has announced. The cars are intended to be identical to their 1963-64 counterparts, down to the 3.8-litre, all-aluminium straight-six engine and aluminium bodywork.

The use of aluminium for the original racers was part of a raft of weight-saving measures, which, along with a stripped out interior, and removing the standard E-Type’s chrome bumpers and trim. All told, the changes added up to a 114kg weight saving versus a road-going E-Type, hence the ‘Lightweight’ moniker.

Only 12 original Lightweight E-Types were ever produced, but Jaguar had initially indented to build 18, setting aside six extra chassis numbers which were never used.

Jaguar E-Type Lightweight remake 2

The modern batch will use those dormant chassis numbers, completing the Lightweight E-Type line-up five decades after the last cars were completed.

Jaguar says that although the emphasis is on replicating the classics, customers will be able to personalise their cars with additional features to make them more usable than the 50-year old racers.

Jaguar hasn’t released an estimated price for the batch of E-Types, but an original example with proven Le Mans pedigree will set you back in excess of £5million at auction, according to Bonhams.