Jaguar XFR Speed Pack announced

3 Sep, 2012 10:19am Tom Phillips

Jaguar XFR gets optional Speed Pack which raises top speed to 174mph

The Jaguar XFR Speed Pack has been announced. The optional set of upgrades features suspension and aerodynamic improvements which help the XFR reach a top speed of 174mph.

In standard tune, the Jaguar XFR has its speed limited to 155mph. However, on Speed Pack-equipped cars, the speed limiter has been raised to 174mph.

The 5.0-litre supercharged engine still develops 503bhp, but both the engine and eight-speed gearbox have been recalibrated to cope with the extra top speed.

To compliment the new top speed, the Speed Pack also includes a new front splitter and a boot-mounted spoiler to increase stability at speed.

The Jaguar XFR Speed Pack is on sale now, priced at £2,750, which takes the grand total price up to £68,130.