Jaguar XFR-S to herald sporty new era for JLR

Jaguar F-Type and XFR-S
30 Nov, 2012 4:40pm Steve Fowler

The Jaguar XFR-S could herald the arrival of new sports trim levels to rival BMW's M Sport, Auto Express has learned

The new XFR-S, developed by Jaguar Land Rover’s Engineered To Order (ETO) division, will herald the arrival of new sports trim levels to rival the Audi S line and BMW M Sport models.

The car debuted at the LA Motor Show, and ETO director of operations Pete Simkin told us: “We’re looking at design packs to give our models a sporting edge, although we haven’t decided on a name yet.”

ETO works across Jaguar and Land Rover, and as well as the XFR-S, it worked on the Evoque by Victoria Beckham and Range Rover and Jaguar XJ Ultimate models.

“ETO is a specialist division attacking small niches,” said Simkin. “We’ll do almost anything a customer wants us to do with their car, as long as it fits with the ethos of the brand.”

It’s possible that Jaguar and Land Rover could share more brand names such as Ultimate in future, with Simkin hinting that an R-S version of next year’s new Range Rover Sport has “plenty of appeal”.

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JLR have hit the same pointless place, until recently the sole domain of BMW, of counter-productive vehicles. The XFR-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z is now a total contradiction. Its made to do extreme things, completely diluting its raison d'etre as a car. Luxury executive cars dont come with rubber band RUIN the ride, [except BMW] or ever get used in extremis, so why would you trash all the halllmarks of a luxo express to turn it into a go-kart. How many seats on a go-kart?? Exactly. Shame JLR, and all in some pathetic attempt to emulate BMW. Make exciting cars to 'grow the cake', not simply and mindlessly steal someone else's.

Also, it is horrendously ugly. This from jaguar?

Grace, Space and Pace. Only the latter which describes this car. but who cares, sex sells - they need the cash. either that, or a bailout - that is unfortunately the way things are these days.

fortunately, the XFR-S did not replace the XF 2.2 Diesel. That would be your car.

Is Callum still ruling the [so-called design] roost at JLR, or is he just Jaguar? I'm discerning a serious flaw/rift in continuity of pedigree, and uniformity of design language and engineering within this company. At one end you have the exceptional XJ, high tech, high end, and all aluminium, and LR have just given the Freelander turd an obscene polish.....see prices. They are poles apart engineering, quality, 21st century efficiency, purpose, design, manufacture.... from one company, with pretensions to upmarket vehicles. Ratan will never make any money with such a massive disparity and void like that in JLR.