Is this the most luxurious Land Rover Defender ever?

16 Jan, 2014 10:00am Nathan Velayudhan

The tough, no-nonsense Land Rover Defender gets an £80,000 super-luxury interior by Carisma Auto Design

Carisma Auto Design, a specialist in bespoke luxury vehicles, did this spectacular £80,000 modification job on the interior of a Land Rover Defender. The resulting Carisma D1 Defender might just be the poshest Land Rover Defender on the planet. 

As seen in our gallery above, the Land Rover Defender - a vehicle usually praised for its rugged qualities, lorded for its off-road prowess and coated in a thin layer of mud - has been completely transformed into a luxury vehicle that eclipses anything from Land Rover's up-market Range Rover stable.

Land Rover Defender review

The modified 4x4 now boasts a whole range of exotic tech, including on-board computers, wifi, Bluetooth and an impressive Bang & Olufsen sound system.

It's also been fitted with a fridge, foldaway tables, a drinks cabinet, mood lighting and quilted panels for the cabin walls and ceiling.

Clive Drake, the sales and marketing director at Carisma Auto Design, said: "The Land Rover Defender is an iconic British vehicle with legendary off-road capability. One day a client came to me wanting a vehicle that had all of the capabilities of the Defender but with the interior ambience of a Range Rover and the feeling of pure exclusivity of a Rolls-Royce."

Carisma Auto Design specialise in the customisation of vehicles, whether it be with exotic leather, hand-crafted cabinets or slightly more bizarre requests. They've recently installed items such as solid crystal ash trays, champagne flutes, integrated premium pen sets, customised seat embroidery, a 42-inch television and refrigeration units.

See more pictures of the amazing Carisma D1 Defender in the gallery above!