Zulu Super Defender charges in with 475bhp V8

12 Jan, 2016 11:09am Sam Naylor

Limited-run Defender from JE Motorworks gets modified Jaguar Land Rover V8 and 6-speed tiptronic gearbox

Coventry-based modifier JE MotorWorks has revealed the Zulu², a new 'super Defender' featuring Jaguar Land Rover's own 475bhp V8 jammed under the bonnet.

Costing from £149,500, the Zulu² modifications can be done to any type of Defender in left or right-hand drive - from the basic 90 to a huge 130 pick-up. For your money you're getting that 4.7-litre JLR V8 engine, which produces 650Nm of torque, as well as a 6-speed automatic gearbox and upgrades to the chassis, suspension and brakes. 

JE Motorworks' Jonathan Douglas said: "The Defender is ancient mechanical infrastructure and the engine is from an era when cars are computers: it's like getting an iPhone playing music via a cassette deck - but we've done it, and we've done it seamlessly."

Extra kit on the Zulu package includes 18-inch alloy wheels, lowered springs, uprated dampers, an upgraded limited-slip differential, bigger brakes and an electronic handbrake. 

Cosmetic changes include a JE badge on the front, twin rear exhausts, a pair of side vents, bigger front air intakes, an aluminium grille and LED exterior lights. Inside there's leather upholstery, extra sound-proofing, air-conditioning and heated seats. 

The Zulu Defender is limited to 25 units, so get your order in quick. At around £150,000 it will be the perfect vehicle for members of the British upper class to explore Africa in.

Would you spend £150,000 to upgrade your Land Rover Defender? Let us know below...