Land Rover Discovery gets 2015 refresh

12 Jun, 2014 1:20pm Jordan Bishop

Land Rover updates Discovery personalisation options and equipment levels as part of a revised line-up for 2015

Land Rover will continue to mark the 25th birthday of the Land Rover Discovery by giving its long-serving SUV a minor refresh for 2015, with prices now starting from £41,595.

Changes include a revised model line-up, extra standard kit, new styling options taken from the special-edition XXV, and additional in-car tech.

Kicking off the range is new SE trim, which brings a £1,590 price increase over the outgoing entry-level GS spec, although it does include more standard equipment.

Included in this are driver aids like cruise control, front fog lights, automatic headlamps and wipers, an auto dimming rear view mirror, as well as interior foot well and under-door lamps.


Meanwhile, SE tech (£47,495) is £630 than the mid-range XS model it replaces, adding Xenon headlights and LED signature as standard, whilst range-topping HSE (£54,495) and HSE Luxury (£59,965) now automatically feature larger 20-inch alloys.

Customers also have new exterior paint schemes to choose from, with Luxor, Ipanema Sand, and Nara Bronze making way for Aruba, Kaikora Stone and Montalcino Red.

Optional styling updates borrowed from the Discovery XXV have been introduced across the range, too, with both Grand Black Lacquer wood and a leather-wrapped steering wheel now available. 

Land Rover is also offering extra in-car connectivity in the form of its new InControl Apps. Once downloaded to a smartphone, users will be able to select certain vehicle-compatible apps for use within the car, working alongside the Discovery’s built-in infotainment system.

In addition to sat-nav, media streaming, internet radio and location services, contacts, the tech apparently gives drivers “safe and efficient access” to phone content such as contacts and music.

The 2015 Land Rover Discovery is now available to order, with UK deliveries scheduled to begin in September. 

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Won't be buying one, LR UK don't do proper paper brochures anymore, and a dealer refused to let me have an Evoque brochure as theyv 'are costly' makes me wonder where else they are cost cutting!

Run along home sonny and get your homework finished. You being 12 is why he wouldn't give you a brochure.

Land Rovers cost money, you can't swap marbles for them.

Why does the dash remind me of an SD1? Also why would you go for this unless you automatically update every year as there is an all new one due in 2016?

I was interested in replacing my 2007 Disco actually, and appreciate a proper paper brochure, and not download cr4p. Dealer was very off-hand, and when I asked for proper literature, you'd have thought I'd asked for an hour with his wife! I now have an Audi Q5 on order, dealer friendlier, and they were only too pleased to send me a brochure!

More to the point you couldn't afford a new Disco, the brochure issue is just an escape goat so your pals don't think your a dull Audi sheep.........

Money is nothing to do with it! I'm not into all this c0ckwaving about who has the most expensive car! The Audi is way more refined, way better looking, and the dealers much, MUCH more helpful. LR UK have become cost-cutting crazy, and their vdealers seriously need sorting out.

You made all this up. There is no Audi. The dealer spotted you are a time waster and you are sour about the ignominy.

Grow up. No sensible person ever worried about a brochure being a deal breaker.

You are cringingly embarrassing about this.

Well said!....