Lexus NX 4x4 officially revealed at Beijing Motor Show

20 Apr, 2014 9:00am Paul Bond

New Lexus NX is set to go on display in Beijing, and will rival the Range Rover Evoque

This is the Lexus NX, the brand's all-new Range Rover Evoque rival. The car has made its official debut on the Lexus stand at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show.

The edgy, angular lines of the concept have been toned down for the road car but the NX is still seriously striking. The huge ‘spindle’ grille dominate the front end, and the aggressive split headlights are inspired by the IS F Sport saloon.

Underneath, three powertrains will be available. The NX300h in out pictures is powered by a 2.5-litre four-cylinder Atkinson petrol engine, while an electric motor fitted to the rear axle adds extra performance when needed - removing the need for a mechanical link to make the four-wheel drive system work.

It’s the same layout as the larger RX350h, but features the same regenerative braking system and batteries from the newer IS300h. There is no word on the C02 emissions at this stage, but expect the NX300h to significantly undercut the cleanest eD4 version of the Evoque in terms of fuel economy - with an official figure of around 65mpg combined likely.

Lexus NX revealed side

There will also be two petrol powered versions - the flagship will be the new NX200t - an all-new 2.0-litre turbo unit with around 250bhp, which looks set to roll out across the range, replacing the old 2.5-litre V6 in a number of models.

The final option is a naturally aspirated version of the new 2.0-litre engine, but even this version will have the option of either front or four-wheel drive. Instead of the battery-assisted four-wheel drive of the NX300h - both these models will use a more traditional mechanical four-wheel drive system with a locking centre differential, borrowed from the Toyota RAV4. As with all Lexus models there’ll also be an F Sport version, with larger wheels, sportier styling and a plusher cabin - which is likely to cost around £5,000 more than the standard car.

Inside, the the NX features a range of new gadgets, including a wireless charging tray for smartphones and iPads, a head-up display, panoramic cameras, G-sensor and boost meter.

Lexus NX revealed interior

The interior is designed to be sportier and more driver-focused, so there is a thick-rimmed steering wheel, and alloy pedals, but most of the switch gear will be familiar to any owner of the GS or IS, with the same analogue clock set in the centre of the dash and ‘sliding’ climate control touch sensors next to the hi-fi.

Order books for the new NX will open this autumn, and a company source told us that as well as targeting the Evoque, the NX would be similar in size and price to an Audi Q5 and BMW X5. That makes it a bit larger than the Evoque, and also clears the way for the next-generation of RX - which is set to move up a class, and gain a seven-seat option, taking on the Mercedes M-Class and new Volvo XC90 in the process. Expect prices for the NX to start at around £30,000 for a front-wheel drive 2.0-litre, rising to around £43,000 for a fully-loaded NX200t in top F Sport trim.

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Isn't the TX supposed to replace the GX for 7 passengers?

NX? Sounds star trekky

It looks nice inside, quite nice at the rear, it's just the front lets it down, too much grille area.

That would be pre-Kirk era. ;-)

The white one looks exactly like the current Civic. I actually thought this was a story about the new civic SUV. Not a good start Lexus!

The styling inspiration must be from watching too much Transformer the movie. I'm just waiting for it to transform to a nicer looking vehicle. It's flat out ugly especially that hideous grille.

I think this looks brilliant particularly in profile. Very sharp and distinctive like all Lexus products these days. I think the design team at Lexus are spot on with their current design theme.

They mentioned a RX350h, didn't think they do a RX350h?? lol, 450h yes and RX350 non hybrid yes but not in UK ! Meanwhile looks nice much much prefer than BMW X3, hope the UK get the 2.0t in this NX and the IS (that eventually replace IS250) as new / second hand prices of hybrid cars are considerably more than non hybrids !

Beautifull design, superior quality and Hybrid technology, not to mention the excellent Lexus service. This car will be an instant succes for Lexus.

Yet another six cylinder replaced by turbo-4 - the inverted aspiration (literally) of the motor industry continues...

I like Lexus NX 4x4 officially revealed

I've given up waiting for a Lexus that's not instantly outclassed by its competition. It's like waiting for Mercedes to make a decent manual gearbox - never gonna happen!

I've given up waiting for the competition to match Lexus. With the competition you tend to buy 'a badge', that just blends into the scenery and look at home on the hard shoulder. With Lexus you actually buy a highly engineered premium product, that looks superb inside and out.

Looks good although I tend to agree the grille is a bit overpowering but look forward to seeing it in the metal. The new 2litre turbo sounds very interesting hope they make it an option for the CT200! Lexus is really moving forward now just the LS needs modernizing.

HaHa! You are a comedian! Out of all the cars they launched in the last 20 years most have been duds. Lexus is purely an invented brand name with loads of marketing and no history.

You'd better practice getting the gear selector from D to N quickly incase the throttle mechanism jams open and tries to kill you ;)

NX is still used. It is for experiments. ;)

Quite brilliant. Inside and out. The next Q5 better be good. Unlike the current one.

All brands are invented, and as you say, Lexus has a 20 year history. It also has another 5 years on top of that...

I have to agree with others re Carlos, .No one makes a better made vehical than Lexus plus Carlos they sell more cars than perhaps you imagine. They have the best sales teams, best service and knock Audi,BMW and Mercedes for reliability. In fact their 4x4 in USA outsells Audi and BMW,s . This new NX has a new look that at long last is an alternative to the Boring 3some from Germany RE Dave you need to visit specsavers looks like a Civic no way.

I know looks are a matter of opinion, but I think this is awful. Lexus are just trying too hard, there's far too much going on with this design, and it just looks a mess. I'd be embarrassed driving around in something with that much black plastic caked on the front end.

What a fantastic looking car. Makes the efforts of BMW's and VW's 4x4s look rather mediocre and again unlike its German rivals they have made an effort on the interior not just stuck a load of corporate dash parts in from its other lines.

or BMW and Audi to come up with something new and not produce some of the most unreliable cars on the road.

Are you refereing to the accident that was actually down to non spec poorly fitted rubber mats holding the throttle pedal down?